5 Essential Parts For Future Mommies

First of all, we would like to thank and say once again that we are happy and honored to be mega collaborators of this blog that we love so much.

Leveraging one of the suggestions from you, today we will talk about 5 pieces Jokers are worth the investment during pregnancy!

So, let’s cut to the Chase! Here’s our top 5:

  1. Vestidão

A long dress more fluffy with fabric that has a bit of spandex (such as the mesh for example). It is a piece that will accompany you from the first to the last month of pregnancy and will still be a super requested postpartum!

The option for a sleeveless dress ends up giving more versatility to play, since you can use in warmer weather as one piece and even colder with a vest or jacket. Oh! And you can still use with a shirt and turn the dress in a maxi skirt!

  1. Third piece

We’ve talked about it in the first post, remember? The cool thing is that you probably already have a play like that in the closet. Valley cardigan, jacket, vest, jacket or even a kimono. The secret here is to choose a piece that fits on your routine of life, not only as a mother. For example, if you work in a corporate environment, a blazer can be a great choice.

What’s great is that as we often use the third piece abertinha, you can buy the part at the beginning of pregnancy, when he won lightweight, and use it until the very end. After the extra pounds are gone, your Cardigan is still a super partner.

Lu, boring blog galoshes, is a master in the art of finding the third piece perfect for every look during pregnancy.

  1. Pants/Shorts with adjustable waistband

We usually lose more underparts than above during gestation. Even at the beginning, when I haven’t won a lot of weight, I feel the difference. The body will “extend” to receive the baby.

But there’s no reason to despair. Can you believe: 2 pants, 2 shorts are more than sufficient to render a lot of looks. Not to be restricted to pregnancy pants, look for options of bass parts with squishy and adjustable waistband (with rubber band or cord). Neutral colors are also a good choice and will render more looks during the months to come (and after pregnancy!).

  1. Loungewear

Loungewear or clothes to stay home. Trust me, you’ll spend plenty of time at home and probably will receive many visitors either in gestation or after the baby is born. So, stay in pajamas end up not being the best option. Today many brands, like Hering For You and a. Niemeyer, are specialized in lounge wear and bet on basic modeling and super comfortable fabrics, as plush and fabric. Uma great option to stay fit, but very comfortable.

  1. Accessories

They will give a touch of personality and production shall ensure that the your style (be it more feminine, more classic or stripped) are present regardless of the size of the stomach. Here the sky is the limit, worth biju, glasses, hat, bag. The coolest thing is that you will continue using the accessories right after the baby is born. So, invest in those that actually match your style and your closet.

And Oh, what their choices are even more accurate, make 3 basic questions:

I would use this play, even if I wasn’t pregnant?

This piece is timeless?As the idea is to invest in a few pieces during this phase, let very specific trends aside right now.

This piece is comfortable?Remember that the idea of comfort has to do with the types of fabric more squishy and natural) and finishes at the waist and breasts (elastic and adjustable closures as strings).

If the answer to these questions is Yes, the pieces chosen will have long life and not be frozen in your closet even after the belly is gone.

And don’t forget, if you have any doubt or any subject that interests you, send your suggestions to us here in the comments.