7 Errors in the Bath That Detonate Skin Beauty

Everyone knows that taking a shower every day, is critical to maintaining hygiene. However, what many don’t know is that there are some errors in the bath that harm skin beauty. That’s because in addition to promoting the body cleansing in General, while showering are made simple and common practices that can harm the skin.

Want to keep your skin beautiful and healthy? Then check out some errors in the bath that harm skin beauty for you to avoid them.

Errors in the bath that you should avoid


Who doesn’t like to take a long bath to warm up the body in the winter? However, this habit of staying long the shower causes dryness and still unbalances skin pH. For those who don’t know, the ph is the index that measures the natural balance of acidity of the skin so that it does not suffer with the dryness or excessive oiliness.


Among the errors in the bath that harm skin beauty is the use of hot water. The hot water is one of the biggest enemies of the skin of the body and the face. After all, she changes the blood circulation, contributes to the appearance of spider veins and can still increase the oiliness of the skin. Remember, the hot bath also leaves the hair more oily and dry.


The SOAP more accessible and easy to find, without doubt is the bar. However, this sort of SOAP has a higher ph, which unbalance the natural oils of the skin and may cause dryness. To avoid this, the best option is to opt for liquid soap in the bath time, since it has a more neutral composition and light.


To remove any dirt from the skin, many people like to use Chuck’s bath time. However, this habit that seems right should be avoided because the harm the skin. Contrary to what many think, rubbing the bushing is not ideal, since this habit removes the natural protection of the skin. In addition, the Loofah can accumulate many bacteria.


Use excess SOAP is also on the list of errors in the bath that harm skin beauty. This is because, if the SOAP is used in excess, can not be removed completely. And this accumulation of SOAP prevents natural oxygenation of the skin.


Many women also like to use the stone in the shower, mainly for pome exfoliate the feet. However, according to experts, this product should be avoided, since it strikes a lot of skin and does not provide any benefit.


May seem silly, but the rough towels or didn’t wipe right, are also enemies of the skin. The ideal is to always choose soft towels, as they do not harm the skin and not leave with that dry aspect.