701 Against Lumia 710: Who Wins Nokia’s Mid-Range Crown?

The Windows phone device Lumia 710 comes probably sooner than expected after Germany – a reason for us to open the battle for Nokia’s mid-range throne and to compete on the Symbian Smartphone Nokia 701.

Okay okay, before you say that in the end simply because it arrives, whether one is dear tile look or Symbian fan, we want to look movies, whether there is not a selling point for the 701 or Lumia 710, that makes matter OS questions of faith. We looked at closer the outer and the inner values in addition to the operating systems.

1 Round: Exterior and screen

Something is more compact than the Lumia 710 during the 701 (117 x 57 x 11 vs. 119 x 62 x 12 mm), this puts less weight on the scale (126 instead of 131 grams), in both cases will not notice the difference.Housing made of stainless steel, the Nokia 701 makes a better impression than the Lumia 710, in which plastic is used. After all, there are here ten colours thanks to interchangeable cover and processing is also nothing to expose. The displays of both devices have the ClearBlack technology which allows an accurate reading even in direct sunlight. The screen of the 701 is still particularly bright thanks to IPS-LCD – Nokia said at the presentation even by the brightest Smartphone display in the world. In terms of pixel density the Lumia 710 is winning again: the high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels at 3.7 inches diagonal mean 252 ppi, while the 701 with 640 x 360 pixels on 210 ppi.

Conclusion of the round 1: so far is easily the 701 thanks to higher quality materials and better display technology.

2 Round: Power, battery and camera

The single core processor of the Lumia 710 serin with 1.4 GHz, which supports the 701 1 GHz, are they from one 512 MB of memory. While each 8 GB of internal memory is great, you have the possibility to extend the memory externally to 32 GB via MicroSD only at Nokia 701. Like all Windows phone-Also the Lumia devices is restricted for 710 MicroSD. The battery is strong on both devices 1300 mAh and come according to the manufacturer’s instructions at the 701 on incredible maximum 17 hours talk time in the GSM and 6.8 hours in UMTS mode. The Lumia 710 up to 6.9 hours in the GSM and 7.6 hours in the UMTS network are in there. As always, this information with caution are to enjoy, but still providing music playback is striking: the Lumia 710 38 h are maximum, up to 71, 4h Mp3 listening should be possible with the 701. Even with the camera the 701 is something winning: with double LED-8-megapixel rear camera, which rotates HD videos (720 p) and a VGA front-facing camera for video calling can there while even long can’t keep up with the Carl-Zeiss-camera smartphone Nokia N8, but cut out the 5-MP camera of Lumia 710 is sole.

The bottom line the Lumia 710 in the second round must be beaten again due to the lack of opportunity to expand the (presumably) weaker battery and the missing front camera memory. May’s gain more advantages in the last round?

3Rd round: OS and connections

As initially mentioned, the two headstrong operating systems Symbian Belle and we want to take yet a look at the special features Windows phone 7.5 taste thing. The navigation and browsing was made faster in the latest Symbian version, even if the browser still for dropouts is good. The OS were this time all six buy customizable home screens, also there is a new notification bar that opens the message digest such as in Android by Runterziehen now. Total, Symbian is increasingly becoming Android, which is good on the one hand, of course, on the other hand, Nokia was accused even lack of imagination. The Lumia 710 Nokia like in the big brother of lumia 800 for the first time relies on Windows phone, that currently exists in the version 7.5 “mango”. This provides among other things an optimized version of Internet Explorer 9, an improved voice recognition, multitasking support, the summary of chat messages in “Threads” and a better Twitter and LinkedIn integration. Thanks to HTML 5 support can be riden afloat. Both Smartphones have the service “Nokia Music ‘ on board, which works similar to iTunes and is equipped with approximately 14 million music tracks, also Microsoft’s ActiveSync data synchronization with the PC is present in both.

What is the connection standards relating to smartphones, so one GSM, UMTS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n with HSPA (14.4 Mbps), A-GPS and MicroUSB on two smartphones before. The Lumia 710 comes with Bluetooth 2.1, also having 701 with Bluetooth 3.0, it still an NFC chip and so another purchase argument.Because NFC is gradually becoming more important and plays a role as in the railway app “touch & travel” to the ticket purchase via Smartphone. Also, it is used at the 701 to transfer data or play together with one other NFC Smartphone.

The round is at least 3 a draw: when the OS must be beaten due to the still-troubled browser Windows phone 7.5 mango is beautiful give – not free Nokia plans the gradual full transition to WP-, the Nokia 701 makes up for but the backlog by NFC chip.

Conclusion & availability

A comparison has rarely been so clear: in almost all disciplines was ahead at the end of the Symbian Smartphone Nokia 701 and can Nokia’s secure loose middle-class Crown. The Smartphone is already available and costs (€379) without a contract. First, the Lumia 710 said that the device will come to us until 2012; but settle into the signs that it is soon to have, finally, there is already a complete online product page of Lumia 710 on the German Nokia Internet presence. An EIA has been so far not yet announced, the network is called the 701, what convinced one or the other might still of the Lumia €329 – €50 less than.