A Fun Way Of Fishing With Popper In Gatun Lake

A few years ago I had the happy opportunity to offer our services of fishing a Colombian fisherman who was visiting Panama for a couple of days for business, this gentleman very concerned about the ecosystem and attached completely to the catch & release I wanted to have the opportunity to fish in Gatun Lake, and the reason why it wished to do so was to “play” with his poppers , for those moments with this type of artificial lure fishing was not very popular at the Lake, at least not in Panama, which had been fashionable was the famous torpedo, widely used to make “trolling”.

What at that time caught my attention was the used fishing technique, and I don’t mean the technique of cane and moves itself, but the way in which turned fishing in an aquatic hunting game.

This indicated to our marine to conduct fishing travel along about 15-25 meters from the shore, as we did not even have motor of trolling did with the outboard to the lowest speed as we could, then our fisherman started his series of releases throughout the tour, I would say that the first ten not so profound maybe due to the lack of practice , but thereafter his excellent aim which had targeted the microensenadas where the sun warming not so surprising.

We spent about 15 to 20 minutes after the first attack which was not successful asSergeant (Pavon for our American friends) did not reach to bait via Andrewfishing; However, the ferocity with which it carried it out was awesome. Incredibly, the release boasted greater success, at the time of the attack saw great ferocity, followed by a great battle with a Peacock’s 7lb in a shallow area, maybe 9 feet, as obstacles underwater while they contribute to conservation and proliferation of the species also serve as a den of those fish that are is normal in the Gatun Lake in danger , and indeed, that was what happened, this Sergeant managed to sneak between the sunken logs and escape.

After this epic moment, our fisherman companion continued with the same style for about three to four hours where captured and released a few copies using this technique, none of the attacks was like that he came back to tell but if we provided to the marine and me all a really sport fishing show.

Note that for this type of fishing you should go full of patience, which should characterize every good fisherman, because the long wait will be rewarded by an attack of a good Sergeant in all its glory. Perhaps, for those going for the first time, it is not the best way to engage in fishing, rather it is a style for the more experienced.

I ahondaré not much in terms of the colors of the poppers because we used 10 different, of which half succeeded in its mission (all depends on weather conditions and water turbidity).

I hope that this little report that I wanted to share have served as an incentive to try a different style and fun little used in our waters of Gatun Lake.