Achadões of the Week: Special Makeup

I wanted to start the post thanking the hundreds of messages that I received for the post of my white hair. Seriously, every day I feel more blessed to have you as readers, partners and friends on this blog. Every comment, every email, every word of encouragement to me proof that this virtual place that we created together is rare to see around. A meeting of people who really want to exchange ideas, share reviews, question and, most of all, respect and support the next. Very, very, very much. You are my pride. That said, Jeez week beautiful beginning. EITA month beautiful beginning (already decided what to give/ask/do on Valentine’s day? Let’s talk about that soon?)

And, as could not be otherwise, today’s Achadões of the week! Êêêêêêê!!!

Well, who’s following me there in Snapchat (jojouasz) accompanied my wanderings yesterday (I was a chatterbox) and I knew that I had a pop at Walgreens as who wants nothing and left full of things to tell.

It’s been a while that I’ve been trying to invest in beauty and makeup items more accessible. The truth is that I was well fed to leave real at Sephora 100 every time I stepped foot in the store. After reading a bunch of reviews of products on the internet in search of that balance between Pocket and quality, the result was almost immediate: I started going more the beauty of pharmacies and supermarkets.

Since then, I’ve been very impressed with the quality and variety of brands of makeup much more into account (including many national) and I didn’t pay much attention before. So, today I decided to do a whole achadões dedicated to the topic. I have also checked information about makeup items at thenailmythology.

  1. Fit Maybelline Me Concealer
    Always sympathized with the Maybelline, but recently we entered a serious relationship and I couldn’t be more in love.And I can say with all certainty that the person responsible for change of status of our relationship was this concealer.It is super easy to apply, with a good covering but light that lets the skin breathe and has been widely compared to Radiant Creamy Concealer from Nars (which costs 4 times more!). Has not yet arrived in Brazil (it shouldn’t be, let us pray), but for now you can ask for Amazon.
  1. Fit Base of Maybelline Me
    The truth is that this line Fit Me is all the best.After I discovered the concealer, I ran after to know more and fell in love even more.For starters, the concept of the line is wonderful. Take a peek at (here) you’ll understand. “Don’t judge me, don’t change me, fit me.” And isn’t that what we want most? Products that underscore what we love on us.

That said, I could not fail to indicate the basis of the same row. I tested it yesterday and loved it. I’m not much of use basis, but this is outside of the curve. Mild, hot, do not let that feeling heavy on the skin and is very natural. I like dry skin, so I opted for the matte version. Also has on Amazon (for $5,49) or the Free Market (for $49.99).

  1. BB Cream of Who Said Berenice
    I don’t use BB cream, but I’ve heard so many nice things aboutthis Who Said BereniceI decided to include here. The price is great, the protection factor is ok. According to all the reviews I read, he has a good coverage, moisturizes the skin and is super easy to apply.
  1. Quintet of shadows of the Vult
    I’m not to dare with shadows.So I always end up betting on more neutral shades.That’s super Joker and perfect Vult pro day to day: starts with nude tones well, pale brown and comes in a shiny lead tone. The precinho buddy, also R$27,50 in
  1. Malibu Contém1g’s Palette
    Having said that I like neutral shadows, I think, from time to time, it is worth to try first in other tones.I loved this combo of four shadows of Contém1g especially because she’s daring pero no mucho. Are three more neutral tones (nude, beige and Brown) and a more extravagant (half blue Mermaid). A great way to start taking the courage to diverisificar on makeup.
  1. Carbon Black Kohl of Vult
    He is suuuuper black and easy to apply.You can also use more esfumadinho almost like a black shadow.And it’s only 20 dilmas
  1. Intense liquid eyeliner from the Apothecary
    I quite like the makeup line of Apothecary (use since young and loved their liquid blush).I especially like the EYELINERS andthe Intense line is great. The applicator is easy to use, it fairly hard in the face and is very black.
  1. Maybelline Colossal Mascara
    This is old love, but I couldn’t miss this list.TheColossal best seller is the Maybelline and absolute success is all justified. I always found it hard to find good and cheap mascara and this was the salvation of the crop.
  1. Tracta lipsticks
    I met the Tracta lipsticks through the project TBlogs, in which they signed partnerships with various bloggers and made exclusive products signed by each one of them.I especially liked themoisturizing lipstickin partnership with the blog Trivia.
  1. makeup remover liquid soap

Let’s combine, is there anything more laziness in life than that long end-of-day ritual to remove makeup, washing face, get ready for bed. That said, is there anything more miraculous than a bar of SOAP to take off the makeup and that you can use in the shower? A journal of a little miracle Who Said Berenice, by R$31,90.

10 products and a toiletry bag all to beautify without spending a lot.Well, as I’m starting in the world of makeup, if you have other tips xuxu products beauty and with inflated precinho comrades, tell us here in the comments. And yay for the make of Pharmacy!