Andy Rubin: “The World Does Not Need Windows Phone 7 ”

Andy Rubin, one of the brains behind Android has given an interview to PCMag in which, as it is usual, has released gems of information that we will gladly share with you.

First, before joining with Android, highlight the opinion you have about Windows Phone 7, the operating system that is about to plunge into the market and therefore new competition in sight. According to Andy, right now most operating systems are not necessary.

“I think the screen shots I’ve seen are interesting, but look, the world doesn’t need another platform.” Android is free and open; “I think the only reason you create another platform is for political reasons.”

If the new system actually has something new to contribute or target a new audience, they they find no benefit to Windows Phone 7 in the face of consumers. The only reason to create an operating system is to have more control over what’s going to work or will be consumed on phones.

Neither wanted to elaborate much more on the subject and the interview was redirected to speak well of Google and not ill of others. Much expectation being created on Microsoft’s new system, which some already predict that it will be a failure before going on the market

Open strategy is a double-edged weapon

When asked about the favorite feature of Android Andy, you answer something that users are not liking too, the open system strategy. Andy is in favour of the manufacturers and operators can bring things to the system, if they demarcate the possibility, the project would not succeed.

All code is available to anyone who wants to inspect it and see how it works, but also to pick it base and customize the final product to taste of the manufacturer, with the consequential updates.

Collation of the topic of fragmentation, Rubin was diplomatic in his response, thinks that the manufacturers are learning in a short time what sell phones updated always will be the best choice, Since most users who recognize the arrival of news in the system are increasingly.

Another aspect that is proud is the performance and interface of notifications, little intrusive and likely to stay abreast of any updates that come to the phone at a time.

Android 3.0 and new forms of communication

The new version of the operating system, the truth is not showed euphoric with the subject, but on the same line when they did so with Android 2.1, which made a more social operating system, which will also work in Gingerbread with new ideas, Google Music in sight?, or maybe Google Games.

According to Andy the casual game is sense on mobile phones, to play an Xbox 360 you need a remote control, a TV, the site, and now, with a phone is just a matter of having the time. This is an idea that they are very interested, and which makes the drums of Google Games resonate again with statements of the general commander of Android.

Also had time to give an opinion on the integration of Gizmo5 Google Voice VOIP technology, in what would not dip much, and the emergence of Flash on Android, In summary it with that they want that the web can see in full in the terminals, with the time the optimization of the technology of Adobe will be better.