Any.Do Launches Beta Program of Google Play Cal

Xataka Android have spoken on more than one occasion of Any.Do, a task manager that stands out for the simplicity of its interface but also by its integrated into Android and as well making it to become in a productivity tool.

Now, to get more out of the way to organize our tasks, its creators launch CAL, a calendar that allows us to better visualize all our day-by-day. At the moment the final version is not available but you can try the beta.

Tasks, and now smart calendars

Following in the footsteps of many other applications, CAL rejoins the beta program that helps Google developers. Thus, we just have to join the community to subsequently download the application of Google Play as we normally do.

At the moment it is under development but already mature enough so that we use it without having to worry that work well or poorly. Made this presentation, What does lime as implementation of calendar against the competition?

What stands out most of lime is the integration of the calendar with the rest of the elements our mobile: can associate maps, contacts, and even synchronize events with the applications that you have installed.

As not, integrates with so that we visualize all our tasks throughout the day. You can use it with own autonomy, where we want to use another task manager, but there is that possibility.

The design goes on the same line as the original application: all very easy and simple, Although this time we will have a few scattered images out there to give a touch of color. The application is free right now and all indications are that it will remain so when it launches public and openly to the world.