Audiosnaps, Photographs That Will Transport You to That Moment with Audio

The Android market will reach a new free solution that implements the functionality we’ve seen exclusively on mobile phones as Galaxy S4. Audiosnaps comes as a social network in which you can share photographs and a small cut of audio that is recorded while you capture it.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a image and audio -logically – worth much more. A picture can evoke memories, but what I would say if you can make a picture of the sea and to sound the sound of waves that had at that time?.

With Audiosnaps It is possible this and much more, since you can follow your friends and share all your images private or public or follow tags of your interest.

Audiosnaps, a Twitter of images with sound

The company behind AudioSnaps is a Spanish startup that he was born under the protection of Wayra, the proposal of Telefónica to help launch startups. The product you have created is interesting since they have managed to create a format JPEG in which are inserted 5 seconds of audio , that sounds during the time of capture of the image.

Once the photograph, you can share it publicly on your profile in a manner very similar to how Twitter works. In fact, you’ll have your own panel, which you can visit from any web browser or from applications iOS o Android that is what we are testing. Then we integrate a test image in which you will see this format.
Click on the globito with musical note symbol

Android, use very intuitive application

The application interface is very clear, in fact, for those who use or have used Twitter may seem very similar. At the bottom we have a series of icons which separate the different sections of the application:

  • Friends: This section lists us users that you have marked as friends, our supporters and those who follow
  • Feed: Here we can see all the AudioSnaps from our friends and who continue to start with content, there are several examples by AudioSnap
  • Camera: It is the central icon and from which we can begin to create our own AudioSnaps. Note that audio begins to capture since you press this button. Once inside we have the option to change the photo between 1:1 or 4:3 format, enable or disable the flash and select which camera use.Once photography allows us to label it #etiqueta either share it directly with any of our contacts via @nickcontacto, either publicly:
  • I: This section has little to explain, is your profile in the social network where you have organized all your tickets.
  • Explore: from here you can search for other users either images directly via the label text that settled them when they are created.


Taking into account that we are beginning to saturate us with different social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,) and that lifestyle solutions, seems to us that the bet of AudioSnaps is interesting since you can share the image with audio also via PC, or with users who do not have the application via a link, the example integrated above is: our site.

We find it interesting the concept of adding audio to a photo and if we found that the system is well-equipped to share them via the Internet or between smartphones we we miss that this functionality will operate also in local, i.e., that you can download the image with audio on your mobile and can listen to the audio without being connected to the Internet.

Moreover, seems an interesting that according to comment us account already with more than 20,000 users and that probably you continues to grow due to its ease of use, cost free and bet as we have previously said the extra audio on an image is a great addition.