BlackBerry Messenger Exceeds 10 Million Downloads in Its First Day in Android and IOS

BlackBerry Messenger arrived yesterday to Android, after failed presentations and delays, like an elephant in a China shop. Interest was highest, and eight hours is already counted 5 million downloads in the locked position by a few lists frustrating of waiting that prevented the collapse of BlackBerry servers.

In a more leisurely way and after the initial maelstrom, the Canadian company announces that on his first day in Android and iOS, its instant messaging service It has added more than 10 million downloads.

Obviously the accounting of downloads is a statistic that we must take with caution, as this does not imply that the 10 million users use BlackBerry Messenger, but simply install the application.

Should be recalled that to use the service it is necessary to create a BlackBerry ID., no instant process in which surely have been many users, as well as those who are still on the waiting list.

This relative success keys are very clear, although some such as the future arrival of Video BBM, BBM Voice or channels that are now available in BlackBerry 10 still will wait for the users. The seriousness of a service contrasted as the BlackBerry messaging has long, heavy and especially the multi-platform appearance, that it has finished propitiate the takeoff with a market share of Android and iOS years light which handled BlackBerry 10.

View mess with ratings on Google Play

The problem for BlackBerry does not seem to get the amount of downloads, because we talk about record numbers, but scores that BlackBerry Messenger has received on Google Play.

Thus, of the 120,000 votes given to BBM, There are some 81,000 with the highest score, 5 stars, representing nearly 70% not Android Police people, have believed that then have put hands to work to investigate scores.

As we can see in the image that have been published, There are plenty of reviews with 5 star and the same text or similar, so it seems that there are users faking the score of the BlackBerry Instant Messaging service.

Even the Canadian company has had to skip to step seeing the bloody topic, commenting that many valuations with 5 stars that are potentially false have been discovered, saying that they are already working with Google to find a solution to this issue.

We will see as just this issue, and although there are others who probably have voted and rated the application objectively, the truth is that the overall score of BBM on Google Play is inflated with fake votes.