Comixology: Amazon Stops in-App Purchases

Final with in-app purchase

So far, comixology users bought new comics comfortably over so-called in-app purchases, in which a part of the price as a Commission to the store owner (Apple and Google) flowed. Anymore: now comics no longer can be about the app download. Instead, users must take the detour via the website by comixology and buy new editions. Then they are available in the comixology cloud and can be from there into the IOS and Android app download. Parallel, comixology released a new app, in which there is no longer the in-app purchase feature. Nevertheless, users are forced to install the app, because the previous app no longer displays new comics.

The Amazon best seller of the month

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losers: Apple and Google

This step, Amazon collects from immediately the entire comic book purchase price. Apple and Google are looking up, what should be particularly annoying in the case of comixology, since the app (with the exception of games) generated the largest sales in-app purchases at all. No wonder around 200 million digital comics about the virtual shop counter went over the past four years

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Shitstorm on Facebook

Users respond by the way little enthusiastic on the measure: fans in Apple’s app store the old comixology app in reviews section very well, given only a point. Even a small Shitstorm emerged shortly after the publication of the new app on Facebook: users complained about the abolition of the comfortable in-app purchases and once again having to transfer their entire comic book collection in the new app. Very angry talking at all, that each comixology employee who wants to be no Amazon drone, should be ashamed for the new system.