Congress 2.0, an Application to Be Aware of What Is Happening in The Congress of Deputies

Citizens increasingly want to be more informed than they make political representatives, because the technology already permitted and should not assume that the elected representatives of the people to easily explain what functions they perform. Still, public administrations not noted for its transparency beyond official and daily bulletins of sessions that are difficult to summarize.

You are therefore citizens themselves who must take the information by your hand for giving it to other people who do not have the means or the time. An example of this is the application Congress 2.0, that gives us so very clear the most important events of the power of this country legislative.

With this application you can quickly access diverse information that otherwise it would cost us hours to find. You will mainly see the various initiatives with options to see who presents them, when they were presented and their current status, among others. In addition, users can vote them, though symbolic without any legal results will be or links with the actual results of the initiatives

Congress 2.0

  • Version of Android: from 2.31
  • Developer: Sivsa, S.A.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: News & magazines

This application will allow you to consult the legislative activity of the Congress of the deputies of Spain during the current parliamentary term (2011-present). You will see the laws that have been approved, as well as the rejected. You will also allow you to see who has proposed the law, its date of filing, processing status and the full text of the same.
Laws that are in the pipeline can vote yes or NO as if you were one Member, and you can add comments and share them. Obviously your vote won’t have any legal validity, but we intend to serve to express popular opinion. Your vote will be completely anonymous. Any information that can identify you personally will not be saved.