Desert Aires Opposing Scottish Landscapes in Josep April Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013

Everything is surround, all covers the body, surrounds it, isolate it and protect.

The catalan Designer Josep Abril Open your file, and with this collection Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013, is a review by way of self introspection. And is that after fifteen years of innovation and good work, is time of analysis and reflection, but that Yes, without losing sight of the new trends of the season.

A warm and delicious proposal (wool does not itch), this can assure it because I’ve touched and tested on my own skin some of the pieces in the collection. A collection in which we will see fabrics such as felt, cloth, in different formats, cottons, boiled wool or cloth.

The Couturier himself has explained the storyline of the proposal as a contrast. The desert and sand dunes, found with the Green Scottish countryside. He called the collection as a ‘mental desert’. Feelings through a common nexus, garments.

Is for this reason that we will find a wide range of earth tones and citrines, in which no shortage the grey, the sand… as well as several cool colors as an extensive range of blue or green in different shades. Many of them used as accent colors, is the case of the seafarer or the already Basic quasi klein. Directly essential.

Although the colour palette, which stand out as prints the prints piscodelicos (reminiscent of the dunes) and the tartan pictures, they are at first glance the most attractive points of the collection, we must not forget that the creator if something is marked is for your polished and sophisticated pattern design.

Contrasting volumes, the repeated from other seasons games ‘xs versus xl’, Likewise, the tight cuts that are opposed to silhouettes more oversizes. That not to mention of the deconstructed parts, the overlays and the Visual trompe-l’oeil creating layer upon layer.

Asymmetries, courts not pretentiously finished, feathering, long rows of buttons, pliers and cutting on long games, are some of the elements estilisitcos that act as accessories. And it is in sight, the designer does not pursue by large decorations and accessories to complete her looks. Their outputs speak for themselves.

In addition to sweaters, which will play a major role, or the fluffy look vintage style homeless shelters -my favorite piece -, will not be Silhouette slim suits, that not skinni. To fit, nothing better than a military-inspired boots in anthracite grey old finish, and to give the romantic and bucolic touch some other fine cloth in cotton or discrete point accessories.

Minimal chromatically speaking but of the most sophisticated in terms of cuts and silhouettes. No doubt these fifteen years of creations It has not been in vain.