Entertaining Dialogues with Microsoft’s Cortana

Based on the eponymous hero character in the computer game Halo, where Cortana is a virtual intelligence, Microsoft has bought a voice Assistant of same name to its Windows phone 8.1 operating system. Officially, there is Cortana only on Windows smartphones in the United States. But installed Windows phone 8.1 on a German Nokia Lumia, this provides to United States of America (United States) on the US English language and the region, and the phone will then reboot, Cortana can be (in English) in this country try. Note: Selecting the language the phone on the US app store turns to some apps for Germany is missing.

The twenty funniest questions Cortana

So Cortana works

Cortana you start the app icon or by pressing the search button on the phone. Start the app icon, Cortana first displays current messages, appointments, and the regional weather report. Using the search button, however, the input mask for questions or Internet search starts immediately. The input must not be by voice, questions can also tap a then Cortana answers but only via text without speech. Keeping pressed the search button which will immediately start voice input.

Video: language assistance from Microsoft

A character from the game Halo is the namesake for the new language assistant in Windows phone 8.1 COMPUTER image has the Lady talk with. Cortana is Microsoft’s new language assistant can do Cortana

Cortana runs in the background, created dates on demand, you will read emails and calendar, automatically reminds you when reach a predefined address and calls you to the best restaurants in the area what not allways work in the beta version. In particular, Cortana can: calls Start, write SMS, check for dates or create alarm, reminders enable time – and ortsbasiert (remember, when I get home), notes in one place touch, play music, starting a navigation (take me home), the Internet, and (unlike the earlier search on Windows phone) on your mobile phone, browse content stored. Hook: Who activate Cortana, loses the quick access to the built-in QR reader on the search button. There is still the QR reader, restart it but at least in the developer version of Windows phone 8.1 only still awkward on camera app Bing vision. This can up to the final version but still change.

Quiet hours: Cortana turns the phone still

A new feature the quiet hours are the hours of rest. With her silently set the phone automatically at specific times or for the duration of meetings in the calendar or stop transferring calls. Like the iPhone, you but set some important contacts (inner circle) provided even in times of peace. And you set that repeated calls are still put through three months because they are apparently particularly urgent. Microsoft’s voice control is capable of learning, much like Google now. So she remembers living and workplace, wife and wanted music. Also, Cortana is to sign up automatically, when on the way to a planned destination, a traffic jam was discovered in the pre-test, it worked in Germany but still not.

installation: Windows phone preview with Cortana