EPIC: Multimedia App Offers History to Be Touched

Lexicons and abound knowledge magazine for the iPad by Apple already. Often they fail however: a cryptic instruction, improper treatment or too many multi media antics, deceive the actually lean content across to.

Epic: the first world war

Epic wants to avoid this error. The newly launched knowledge and history magazine for iPad, focuses on a topic per issue. The beginning of the first world war that began 100 years ago, and who makes this year the focus of numerous remembrance events and commemorative exhibitions stands.

In ten chapters, which are further subdivided into sections, the epic app results in detail through the period from 1913 to 1919 because the texts and explanations not-begin with the outbreak of the first World War 1914, but already a year earlier , to show the reader how it came to the war. Negotiations of Versailles of 1919 and the effects on Europe make the conclusion.

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Good service, lots of content

Operation of the app is very successful: the entire text (which corresponds to the size here, by the way a book of 200 pages) will appear in the left half of the screen of the iPad and you can scroll with just one finger easily up or down. Parallel, epic in the right half displays a dynamic infographics and maps, as well as large-format pictures. Historical videos, backed with expert commentary by scientists of the German Historical Museum in Berlin, available as well as comments to photos, one with a finger tip and hides.

Epic app for iPad

So which prepares app knowledge

Restrained presentation

What especially distinguishes epic, is the balance between exploitation of the capabilities of the iPad and the text. The latter is available at any time in the foreground and only where it makes sense, emerge interactive content. These are deliberately holding back. Clearly: Epic is not multimedia – force dairy, but therefore, specifically to illustrate facts through a modern treatment. So for example statistics to the armament of the European armies build gradually up, to show the dramatic upgrade. Or the app records after the way, took the car of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Sarajevo and on which drive the Archduke was shot, leading to the Declaration of war led.

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Expert texts

Addition of factual and very readily understandable text, as mentioned in cooperation with experts of the German Historical Museum was established. Only real weaknesses: currently, epic is missing even a search function which it searches for key words and so targeted reach to a chapter. And an Android app is currently not available.

Pro light understandable texts good multimedia processing historical photos and movies simple navigation contra no Android app no search function test note of editors not present

Conclusion: epic app for iPad

Epic shows how it perfectly presented knowledge and history on a Tablet PC, namely with lots of information and interactive elements, without any unnecessary multimedia frippery covered the actual content or makes more difficult the operation. The first edition (the first world war) 6.99 euros and no longer as a corresponding trade magazine on newsstands; more episodes with themes are in preparation. To try out a chapter is available free for downloading.