Facebook F8: Well-Being of the User Is in the Foreground

While Google and Apple the launch of their developer conferences often use to introduce new products, apparently very seriously the concept of Facebook. Because they were looking for new or improved products, about a paper app for Android, in vain. Instead, tools for external app developers at the forefront of the events were. Audience greeted also CEO Mark Zuckerberg be so: today it comes, as we build apps easier to grow let and monetize. However, there was also the one or the other interesting Apsekt for the user.

Facebook: the f8 Conference in pictures

Anonymous login for apps

So modified the registration function Facebook login with Facebook. With this users can register easily and quickly with their Facebook data for new apps. If you but just want to see the application without disclose all data the provider, makes in the future with the so-called anonymous login. The function reveals no details about the users of the app. Who wants to later continue to use the new application and log in with his real Facebook data, can it without doing another.

User itself finally decide rights

Users may also soon very carefully choose what information they share with developers of external apps. Currently they must grant forced the rights other applications in connection with the Facebook user account in the prefabricated package. Moreover, the social network abolishes automatic access of external apps to data of registered friends. Users must agree to the use of their information individually in the future. Zuckerberg to do so: we have in recent years repeatedly heard that people want to have more control over how they share their data. The previous uncertainty lead to a reluctance of users for apps on the Facebook platform and is ultimately bad for the developers.

AppLinks linked mobile applications

Another innovation for greater user comfort is the platform of AppLinks. She linked applications on mobile devices and enables easy communication among the apps. Retrieve your mail with the mail application and tap a Soundcloud link, the service no longer in the browser, but in the application on the device opens (if it is installed). Then play the audio file in Soundcloud and want back in the mail application, just a tip on the button at the top of the screen. Souncloud, Spotify, vevo, Vimeo and some other services already support AppLinks.

Functions around the social network

Facebook in the future

Instead of using the previous Facebook philosophy move fast and break things (move quickly and destroy things) to continue, is a solid platform and an optimal user experience at the forefront in the future. To ensure that Facebook app developers provides numerous tools and for a simple, cross-platform work on new applications. Talks to secure a sustainable development, the company from a two years guarantee on the programming interface. The offers of the service parse to ensure, that apps can be adapted to all mobile operating systems in the future easier. All these measures will help according to Zuckerberg to network every life in the world. (With material of the dpa)

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