Flash Will Reach Virtually All Systems, with The Enemy at Home

We had knowledge that Flash 10.1 would Windows Phone 7, and even debated the reasons which would soon arrive. Didn’t have it so clear with HP webOS 2.0, Symbian and BlackBerry, But today they confirm it officially since the Conference Adobe Max, in which we could see in the day yesterday for the first time to the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Adobe officials have reported that even LiMo and MeeGo they are developing their version of Flash. In this way, virtually all operating systems will be accompanied Android 2.2 in the controversial plug-in support.

There is a calendar to share on the part of Adobe, so already we will be meeting with the arrival at each platform, but logically they will appear according to importance.

HTML5, the enemy at home

Without going to discuss if HTML5 It is now substitute for Flash, is clear that it is a tool for the future and Adobe wants to have it well dominated. You already go to worked on a project called Edge, that will serve to build websites in HTML5.

It would be strange that once presented the Flash support in the majority of platforms, now Adobe is set to help developers move to HTML5, but so is life, renew or die. In this link you can see a preview of the prototype of the tool Edge.