Garmin Forerunner 15: Practice Test the GPS Running Watch

Running watches are valuable helpers for opportunity Jogger, endurance or Marathon professionals. Fitness wristbands capture movement in everyday life. With the forerunner 15, Garmin has combined both functions in one device. It counts steps in everyday life and draws the line and run data on. when running

Off the forerunner 10 learned

The new forerunner 15 externally looks like the Starter model forerunner 10 (129 euros). However two powerful blemish clung to the: the low battery life of four hours in GPS mode, as well as the missing pulse measurement. And that, although just beginners quickly learn that a pulse control is very important to train properly. Doubled battery life as well as a pairing with a heart rate belt and a Footpod offers now an eight-hour the forerunner 15. However, only accessories with ANT + wireless technology works. Smart (BLE) does not harmonize belts with the power Bluetooth, however, with the forerunner 15.

Garmin Forerunner 15 in detail

Limited to the essential

The forerunner 15 shows in the standard screen time and as with the fitness band Vivofit the number of completed steps. Among them there to see a more or less filled in horizontal bar. He is even more filled, the further you move closer to the aim of step. As in the Vivofit the target adapts after the extent of your joy. In contrast to the Vivofit, a display of the necessary remaining steps and a sleep recording are missing. Need advanced functions for analyzing running or riding a bike, in the forerunner not finding there are not. This has its good, because who is tiring just when iterating, not want to wander around nested menus. Further evaluations can be done rather later after uploading the data into Garmin’s sports portal connect

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Form factors

The watch is waterproof to 5 ATM. Theoretically equivalent to a water depth of 40 meters. To recommend such escapades are however not at this pressure commitments, because even a bold leap into the water exceeds the 5 ATM pressure loose. The forerunner 15 is strikingly easy. The Mr model (in two combinations black/blue and Red/Black) weighs 43 g, the model for women (in the combinations of black/green, turquoise and white and violet/white) brings 36 grams. The bracelet is comfortable to wear by his airy large webs, not very long is still just enough but when compared to other sports watches for strong wrists.

Coarse display

Four buttons, two right, two left, Taming the clock functions. Who knows other Garmin watches, will cope now, because the assignment of the buttons is as usual: the power-on button (long press) and lighting (short press) are left above a run begins with a tap of the right upper button. This button is highlighted in colour again. The display shows black letters on a grey background and acts in the first impression as pixelated as the first game boy. At only 55 times 32 pixels no wonder the Our site runner watch in the same price range offers, however, at least 144 times 168 pixels. In the practice disturbs the gross display of the forerunner 15 not.

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That happens in the training

Training the search begins after you have pressed the Start button first to the GPS position. She took the test in several experiments between two minutes and ten seconds. Used the clock more often, it’s faster, until the clock know where she is in rarer use or longer takes big place switch (several hundred kilometers). The position is first, the GPS recording can begin. The clock records the route in the background and displays some basic data on the changeable display for example the pace or your current heart rate. The pulse was in the test without interference and there was no significant difference to the top monitor polar V800. The watch warns on request with beep, but unfortunately not discreetly by vibration, a leaving of the preset heart rate target range.

You rather train for a specific speed, can be share a PACER as a watchdog for the virtual. With different fast running intervals, the clock however does not store training plans. After the end of the run, the clock stores its data and gives an overview of the most important data about your calorie consumption and your fastest lap. Speaking of round: the clock automatically cut your run in kilometres segments and shows the respective times for this. So, you have a good overview of pace during training.

Connection to Garmin connect

The forerunner want after eight hours on the current. To a bracket made of plastic is the clock, which combines the charging contacts of the clock slightly sunken on the underside of the watch with those of the charging cable. That in turn refers to his power from an any USB socket (normal size) a power supply of the clock not included. After about an hour, the battery is filled. Time function of the cable: Thus the clock strikes the bridge to the computer, by she synchronize the data in the running of the clock and the line with Garmin connect portal. The transfer of clock data wirelessly, for example on a Smartphone, is, however, not possible in this price class probably too much of a good. You can track with Garmin connect, for example, where you were on the road and your run data evaluate again or share with friends. Nice: Garmin rewards runners with virtual instruments for their achievements, which should increase the motivation. Also the clock even applauded, for example, your fastest lap or your longest run. Just at the beginning of the records tumble of course very fast and it’s fun!

Conclusion: forerunner 15

The forerunner 15 is a simple and inexpensive running watch for beginners and all those who aren’t on the hunt for the next best time in the marathon. The integrated step count for the time without proper sport works just fine as a small motivation for more movement in between. For hundreds more but there Sport Watches that offer significantly more even more ambitious athletes. The approximately 20 euros more expensive Our site runner offers a roughly comparable features, a better display in the trade and it sparks their data to smart phones. For this, Toms can reach Portal MySports still not at Garmin connect.

the forerunner 15 is now available for 149 euros without chest strap and 179 euros with heart rate strap.