Google Now Everywhere: So Google wants to Improve the Smartphone Search

Who has a Smartphone with Android-version 4.1 or later, can activate the so-called Hotword recognition within the app Google search. You open the application, perform a Web search by voice command OK Google, open apps or websites. Owners of nexus devices (from nexus 4 and nexus 7 2012) install in addition the app Google now overview. With the Smartphone listen up permanently. The Motorola manufactured Google directed Moto X offers a similar feature.
The great Google Special

OK Google app integration feature

As police reported Android, Google now plans to expand the function. The voice search not only within the app available should be under the project name of Google now everywhere, but also on the homescreen, menu & co. Moreover, it is planned that the voice search is moving into other apps. To maneuver users in the photo app through the gallery or share photos on voice command in social networks. This reminds of the operation of data glasses glass. Google now everywhere not only waits for commands in other applications, but takes itself the booklet in hand: you get such an email in your Gmail mailbox, Google now proposes to answer your contact. To facilitate navigation, Google is planning to replace the triangular Home button with a Google icon.

Useful commands for Google now in the overview

Mobile search interface: Google LEGO

So that the chrome browser properly represents the results of Web searches, the company crafts in addition to a new view of the mobile site. According to Android police is the project LEGO still in an experimental phase and might never finalized. A video demonstrating the differences to the traditional Web search: pages build in the new version faster and more elegant and offer a softer and more comfortable operation. The design is clear.