Google’s Self propelled Cars Master Urban Transport

With high pressure, Google is working on its self-propelled cars. Recently, these made the leap from the rather quiet highway in the chaotic city traffic. For the group, it was time to present the results of the public. A few selected journalists were allowed to enter in Google’s smart cars and tell of their experiences. COMPUTER image summarizes what the autonomous vehicles can now and where there is pent-up demand.

Please no compliments

One the lucky rider is called Eric Jaffe, he writes for the Atlantic cities. Overwhelmed by the capabilities of the Google car he expressed praise after a few minutes. An error. The first rule of a drive with a self-driving Google car, enlightened him Dmitri Dolgov: no compliments on the car. Dolgov was sitting in the passenger seat, he is employed as a developer and responsible for the software on Google. Maybe the rule is based on a superstition. Probably, the system simply even knows how masterfully it moves through traffic. Any praise would be superfluous.

Google car easily moves in traffic

journalist Jaffe, it was hard to hold back with his enthusiasm. The Google car happened a yellow traffic light: In a fraction of a second, it calculates that stop would be dangerous. As the vehicle reached a construction site orange pylons determine the road layout, fits easily into the provisional track’s. Jaffe used several times the word smooth in German as much as liquid, smoothly.

Overview: networked car

caution at railroad crossings

Google shows the current status of the self-propelled cars in a video. To see happened among others, a railroad crossing as a robot car. It is very careful. The computer is okay to cross only, if the entire transfer is free from other vehicles.

cyclist’s favorite

the car even in dealing with cyclists is forgiving. A cyclist extends the arm to signal a turn, remains the Google car at a safe distance behind him. The cyclists in the video out short bends left, but then again embarks on the path. The robot car remains behind the wheel, because it knows: the cyclists could turn what he then also makes each moment left.

An accident would scrape Google’s reputation

Safety is priority one at Google. That sounds strikingly, has but one reason. An accident would attack the reputation of the project. The responsible driver, Brian Torcellini, told the Atlantic cities: us, it is clear that we risk not only Google’s reputation, but also of technology, every time we get the car out of the garage. So is the self-propelled car only with the functions that mastery of it. Google turns freely after new.

Google’s self propelled Cars: not Crashed since 500,000 Kilometres

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Google’s car passes not red even if it is likely

At red lights can not turn the Google car for example yet. Which requires a green arrow in Germany, is that generally permitted in the United States. So is the vehicle before a red light in the first place and wants to right, dutifully waiting for the green signal. Although it that according to U.S. traffic rules wouldn’t have to.

Google’s self-propelled car takes little attention

Of course the vehicle adheres to whatever the speed limit. Draws the prudent driving the anger of other, possibly urgent road users to? On the contrary, the Google car is little attention. Eric Jaffe came during his test drive on normal roads everyday. It consists of drivers who are less traffic than busy with the news on their smartphones. From road users, struggling in a traffic jam to keep the eyes open. The robot car is anything but camouflaged: in addition to sensors on the roof Google self driving car, so a self-propelled car, labeled draws attention to itself. Maybe it is mountain view, which is long on the presence of Google and their Experimente accustomed to but only the city.