Hammer Message: Spotted Iphone 5 In China?

Sensational news at the end of the day: a device occurred in a Chinese shopping portal where we might have to do it with the next iPhone. The Smartphone is so slim like never and comes with dual-SIM support and spare battery included.

In vain, all over the world, Apple fans have waited on 4 October this year on the presentation of iPhone 5 instead, there was only the olle iPhone 4S. Now the land of smiles will heat up again properly the rumor mill. The Chinese merchant Gzfjhlf now offers an interesting Smartphone on the world-famous Chinese shopping portal Our site, which resembles Apple’s iPhone so

that you can assume we see already the next generation. The specifications are not to be sniffed at: with 7mm deep, it is equal to times the slimmest Smartphone of ever. The memory of this time 1 GB, taking up so the criticism, to have used so far only 512 MB. Next is a 3.5-inch-touch screen installed, the display resolution is not however specified.I’m guessing that’s further away pixels with 960 x 640. A speech, here too I assume processor performance, you continue on the A5 dual core processor. Oddly enough

Has one adopted by iOS, in spite of the successful iOS 5 update to set up


the previously unknown MTK. Apple was who knows what everything will be possible with MTK has always been for surprises well, at least it looks the iOS very similar. Disappointed will be all photo fans: instead of the great, bright 8 MP camera is used MP 4 S just waiting for 2, after all, now the front-facing camera will have this resolution. But it’s great that now 64-voice, polyphonic ringtones are possible. Siri also seems to be at the start, a “voice recorder” is in any case.

Dual SIM as a special feature

So far in any iPhone or only using a corresponding adapter, what was possible, was the use of two SIM cards, this dual SIM capability is included with your new smartphone now as well as a replacement battery belonging to the supplied. The device runs world on the whole word, uh, since DHGate has mistyped quad band support. However there is no UMTS support be to my amazement, but only GPRS (GSM).Aber…moment views… ups, I’ve actually read me, the part is Yes airphone 5, and not, is only a measly 59,33 until €64,72, so the guys from DHGate know it probably also but anyway, about 11 times less than the iPhone 4S. Man, since Gzfjhlf has disturbed quite me. We must continue but be satisfied with the 4S, Cleveland. What will offer the next? A Hellaxy S3? A Fansation XY? Xpeeria Noah’s Ark? Promised next time look I twice and.