Hangouts for Android: Chat Service Now with live Widget

Hangout is a news service from Google that is available in the browser, as well as a Messenger app for smartphones. In Google’s play store, an update to the Android app is now available with version 2.1. This offers new functions, as an improved SMS integration, and a live widget for the Android home screen.
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Improved SMS function

Why Google only the Android app, but still not the iOS version revised has, it is clear: acquires hangouts on Android smartphones for some time also the sending and receiving of SMS messages. This function is now better integrated. So, users can decide after you select of a contact, if they notify the person for free on Google’s Instant Messaging service, or SMS. During a call you can still toggle. This type next to the input box on the grey SMS – or the green icon of hangouts. The app brings together independent clearly talks of the channel used in a conversation. The services, however, should be so far separated as open the settings of app, tap on SMS and remove the hook at merged conversations.

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New widget for the home screen

Even if the app is not in the foreground, you miss in the future no messages or invitations more. This is ensured by the new hangouts widget that you place on your Android home screen. To open the app menu and top right tap the entry of widgets. Then, scroll through the range until you find the widget hangouts. Now press and hold your finger on it until the home screen appears in the background. Change if required by your home pages by dragging left or right and let the widget then a vacancy of the Homescreens PLoP.