How to Clean Sunglasses


Many of us use to wear glasses. About necessity in case of defects of the view, for example, or for pure aesthetic taste. Then there are the sunglasses, beautiful and essential in summer to protect our eyes from the strong sun. Either way, sooner or later we will have to deal with a problem: cleaning glasses. We touch them with your fingers (never clean enough), if we are to the sea maybe we end up on a little sand or if it rains the water droplets do not spare our beloved glasses. In all these cases, and many others, creating annoying halos on the surface of the lenses. And so the question arises. Sunglasses and spectacles: how to clean them? Let’s see some practical advice.

Necessary tips

How to Clean Sunglasses

Make sure you have on hand:

Cloth for glasses.

Mild soap and water.

Linen cloth or lint free.

I know to clean your sunglasses or eyeglasses are planning on using a flap of your shirt or T-shirt or maybe the sleeve of her sweater. But it is totally wrong. Nothing that you bear on him may be fine to properly clean your eyeglasses or sunglasses. Not even the tissues are indicated, and do not look languid the home tablecloth or, worse, the restaurant: stop before you ruin the glasses (and go for boor). In so doing, in fact, not only run the risk of scratching the surface of the lenses, but also of even more grease them. Rather, always carry a cloth usually found in the custody of sunglasses or eyeglasses: is your best friend. With forefinger and thumb of one hand hold the glasses to the bridge (the part that connects the two lenses) and with thumb and forefinger of your other hand gently past a circular motion the cloth on the lenses. Result? Lenses clean and undamaged.

Another way to clean eyeglasses or sunglasses may have to use sprays or special wet handkerchiefs. They sell them everywhere: by some opticians, supermarket and so on. Many will tell you they are great, but not always true. Rather. Often these hopelessly grease products glasses, other than cleaning them… Do not you’ll know right away, but over time you will notice on the lens a coating that does not go away in any way. The same optical lenses when cleaning does not use any sprays, but a simple cloth. There is a reason. About optical, may themselves clean glasses. In fact, sometimes under the lenses infiltrate makeup residue (face powder, mascara…), sand or other particles. In these cases it can take action only the optical and in a few minutes and usually without making you pay (but always ask first) will return as new your sunglasses or eyeglasses.

The safest way to clean yourself your sunglasses or cheap retro eyeglasses when they are dirtier than usual, is to wash the lenses with tap water. In this case, you should use water cold or warm, never hot because that would spoil the lens by altering the anti-reflection and the frame, especially in cellulose. Besides the water, add a little mild soap, gently rub the lenses with a circular motion and rinse. To dry them using a linen cloth or other fabric that does not lint free. It should also fit the cloth for glasses, but that is not the one you use every day: strand one always with you and another at home for this kind of cleaning and occasionally washed both. Sunglasses and eyeglasses: easy clean, right?


Never forget:

Before using any product on your sunglasses or eyeglasses ask your optician.

Wash the cloth for glasses less than 40 degrees and no fabric softener.

Always store your sunglasses or eyeglasses in its case to preserve their integrity.