How to Combine Jeans: Proposals for Him and for Her

If in the previous post we care of sweatshirts, now it’s the turn of How to combine jeans. And as you can see, the options are equally numerous and original. In this article we have selected three proposals male and three female, that will serve of examples that inspire you. You can create other many sets with your personal taste and the Cowboys and items from our catalog!

With shirt pictures, to the ‘hipster’

Hipster fashion has certainly risen shirts of pictures, the more casual and urban air. And the part below ideal for these clothes are jeans. This is an example of how to combine a few classic color jeans Indigo, slim fit and slightly worn: with a shirt of red, light and dark tones. For the footwear, some sneakers to match the shirt, according to the classic design of rubber soled canvas.

How to combine fashion with jersey knit jeans

Another proposal of how to combine jeans girl. On this occasion, when this part below is fashion: without wear or broken or transgressors effects. As the image shows, it’s a good opportunity to wear a knitted sweater elegant and feminine, soft and straight, round neck and one color. And again, the slippers to match top, in this case sporting mullets, urban-style sweet, white but with glitter accents and pastel shades.

Fish with oversize Sweatshirt

If you are looking for how to combine jeans girl in a more casual way, here’s an option according to cruisinginfashion: oversize sweaters or sweatshirts. In this case, with a model of point but not so sober as the previous one. And not just by cutting loose and wide, but also by three labels embroidered on the chest: a pineapple, lips and the word “Beat”. As you can see, it’s slightly fishing trousers, with which you can wear ankle during halftime, opting for low sneakers like these, also of denim-inspired and elegant.

Short t shirt, a safe bet in summer

Of course, we could not forget an option with which you always be right in summer: short sleeve shirt, whatever your design. In this case, it is a garment striped with brilliant lyrics, a feminine detail that serves as a counterpoint to the informal jeans of this set, with torn knees. Shoes, again, canvas sneakers and rubber-soled, casual and urban.

T-shirts in print, with straight pants

We started the proposals of how combine guy jeans just as we finished the girl: short sleeve t-shirt. In this case, with a totally everyday look and hassle-free: jeans cut straight with a shirt print urban and cosmopolitan (Chicago), loaded with references to the big city. As footwear, some sporting white, and low with triple velcro closure and in tune with the t-shirt.

… and with skinny jeans, also

In reality, when in doubt of how combine jeans of any type, short sleeve print t-shirts are a real wild card: combined with practically everything! Here you can check it: another model with images of a great metropolis (San Francisco), as top of a look with jeans skinny or skinny, so fashionable lately in male Collections. For the shoes, the same proposal of the previous model, perfectly valid also.

How to combine with other clothing denim jeans

To conclude, a proposal risky but interesting if you are a lover of the tejano style: combine with other clothing denim jeans without the whole sin of charging. The solution, find garments modern and renewed. For example, with the Hunter original dark, striking by its hood with cords, sweatshirts-style. The Pant is straight, can be applied to a spin or two on bass, linking with the finish of the jacket and shoes. In fact, footwear for this whole proposal is sports, but with a subtle effect denim in the play of colours. Laces, Brown, add a casual touch to the look.

And if you want to discover more proposals of how to combine jeans, simply review our male and female sections. In all of them you will find photographs of whole body, that will serve authentic Lookbook that inspire you. Come and discover discounts on many of these items!