How to Protect Your Children from Cost Traps in Apps and Games

Magical potions, precious jewels or funny Smurf Berry: What child there don’t like to access? The catch: All the cute items in many supposedly free mobile games cost a lot of money real money. As it reported image here are children or paying parents in many apps rip you off literally. So that your young not with growing enthusiasm empties the household budget, eliminate this cost traps as quickly as possible. How you read in this article.

So is iPhone and iPad

Apple device users open the settings, tap General and then go to the menu constraints. Turn a match prediction on restrictions twice enter a four-digit PIN. Then deactivate in the list the slider in-app purchases”so that equivalent functionality from the apps are gone. However, your children could acquire content from the app store or iTunes store now up to 15 minutes for your own purchases. To prevent this, tap below password required and select immediately. Then tap on the back, as well as on General.

Warning: in-app purchases

These dangers lurk at Schlumpf Berry & Co.

Childproof lock for iOS

Is buying into Apple’s stores with the previous changes and locked within apps, your kids could still take advertising banner on dubious websites, launching more apps or fumbling around in the settings. To prevent this with the function of access”. How this shows instructions.

So it’s Windows phone

On Windows smartphones, the wallet function protects against accidental purchases. To activate, open settings, wipe after links to applications and tap wallet. Next, set the control wallets-PIN, enter a PIN with at least four numbers and confirm with finish. Then put a hook on the wallet PIN protection when buying music, apps and in-app content use and return to the home page by using the back arrow. Future attempts to buy an app, to make an in-app purchase, or to open the digital wallet must, through input allows the wallet PIN be.

Parental controls for Windows phone

Thanks the kids corner give the Windows Mobile phone safely from the hands. Simply set apps that may use your children. To do this, open the settings, tap children’s corner, and continue. Then, choose a category, for example games. There mark the permitted Games check, confirm with the hook below, share music, videos and apps if necessary in the same way and choose continue. If not already done so, set a password for the lock screen now. According to a tip Click Finish, upwards and a tap on OK, only the required functions are available a wiper. Only after short press of the power button and the lock screen code is entered, the unit is completely available. To start the children’s corner in the future easier, open the corresponding setting again and tap the tack. The function will then appear as a tile in the start menu.