How to Remove by Landlocked Without Damaging the Skin

Who has not passed through the discomfort of having some for Jam? Yes, and in fact, the jam is nothing more than a wire that comes rolled up, maybe to be without strength and end up growing inside the follicle, getting swollen, red and inflamed appearance, ok, all right, but what to do, how to end this problem?
Although ingrown hairs can appear anywhere on the body, they are most common in areas where we do waxing, with both blades or, trust me, even wax, and is extremely important to exercise in time to remove them, to not end up with skin tags or even come to worsen the inflammation that can cause an infectionand that’s when things get serious even though I need to appeal to professionals.

Here’s how you can get ingrown hairs without hurting the skin

1-If you thought of tweezers and needles to remove them, hit, however, although they are super efficient to take the jammed, they are sterilized. Want to know how to sterilize at home? OK, simple, just burn your fingertips, don’t even think about using acetone at this time because she doesn’t kill microorganisms. So, now that we’re here for the next step, the removal itself, simply insert the needle into the hair bulb and pull the tip out, and then pull it out with tweezers. It takes a lot of calm at this time, no poke too to get by so I don’t end up hurting the skin. It takes finesse and a lot of patience to not end up ripping the skin and leaving marks.

  1. If you did not rush to remove the hair or does not have the courage to pull it out with tweezers, a tip is to appeal to the exfoliation, without using much force, repeat every 3 days, if it is difficult, that the end up coming out naturally.Just do not use this method if the jam is inflamed.
  2. Another method to get by the jam is to use a compress with warm onion, Yes, it’s super efficient.For this, cut 1/3 of a medium onion and place in microwave for 25 seconds.Remove carefully and test in a region with few by landlocked. Put and remove, put and remove, … not to burn. Will realize that when you put your onion, a film will be on the skin, which is responsible for the success of the method. The region will be a little red because of the heat the onions. After 5 minutes, you’ll see that they have left or right easier to be removed, your tips are runny, and can be removed easily with tweezers. If your for are thick, you may need to repeat the operation.