HTC 7 Mozart and 7 Trophy, on 21 October with Orange and Vodafone Respectively

On the day of Windows Phone 7, HTC has been the manufacturer which more things. This afternoon we have given an overview to the new HTC 7 Surround and the enormous HD7, we still have three terminals for presenting.

HTC 7 Mozart, that it will land on October 21 in Europe with Orange, HTC 7 Trophy, that will do it the same day with Vodafone, and finally HTC 7 Pro, that it will come next year to the United States. We see them in pictures and review its features.

HTC 7 Mozart: from design

Is Windows Phone 7 more compact line that HTC has presented today: 119 × 60.2 × 11.9 mm and weighs 130 grams. It is also coated with a unibody aluminum casing and some plastic, quite attractive (which us is a relative of some leaks). With these skills, it seems designed to first enter through the eye.

But not only that, their specifications are at the height of the new system of Microsoft and a demanding user. Carries a 3.7 inch LCD Panel and WVGA resolution. His brain, a Snapdragon processor running at 1 GHz, includes 512 MB of RAM and 576 MB of ROM instructions. The user will have 8 GB of internal memory, a 8 MP camera with xenon flash and Dolby Mobile for virtual surround sound. The battery has a capacity of 1300 mAh.

As mentioned, you will come to Europe at the end of this month with Orange. In this video from the operator it is clear to us that the Orange company will customize the interface of Windows Phone 7. It will also incorporate own HTC applications for the system, such as lantern and notes.

HTC 7 Trophy: the most affordable

The new Trophy is the HTC bet for those who want to a Windows Phone 7 to set price. However, by requirements of the system, on hardware issues continues being a terminal which now call high end. In fact, it has the same processor and the same memory as the Mozart.

On the other hand, the lower price sacrifices the quality of photos: the sensor is 5 megapixels (although still recording 720 p video, requirements of Microsoft). It is also less light (140 grams spread over 118.5 × 61.5 × 11. 96mm).

Vodafone to launch exclusively in Europe and as we see in the picture that heads this post, it will also customize it with your colors and applications.

And what is to come: HTC 7 Pro with QWERTY keyboard

Five terminals then HTC still has something to tell. The HTC 7 Pro has also been presented today, although we will not find it in the market until sometime in the first half of 2011. For now, its release in the United States, with Sprint is only intended.

Retains the Trophy 7 specifications, except that it takes double the internal memory for storage: 16 GB. The most attractive, especially for users who have just not feel comfortable writing about a screen touch: slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard.