HTC Rumors to Ville, Nokia Vision GEM

After the Quad racers HTC edge smartphone from HTC with the code name “Ville” information is available to a further exciting 2012.Nokia wants to revolutionize the Smartphone world, meanwhile, with an all-round display.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Nokia Research Center, the Finns in the net with GEM (gem in German) presented a concept, which is to be a “Gamechanger”: all-round display. That is, each page of the Smartphone is coated with a layer of touch screen, which can be used completely individually by the user: so you can switch the entire display on phone,

map, or camera. Or use the front panel of the Smartphone for an overview of the road map, the back cover for a detailed view of the map. Or the Smartphone to make the Chameleon, the view on a previously taken photo of the table pattern. The back can display advertising on phone calls what could bring the user discounts and coupons. You can interact with other GEM-Smartphonenutzern, and “pour for example, contact data such as from a glass in the other smartphone”.
No word so far understood? Time studies on best animated video. Sometimes eager, interesting how the concept works out at the end is the idea in any case. Only: If all sides are touch-sensitive touchscreens, where tackle one the Smartphone actually, without entering any commands always unintentionally?

While the HTC Edge with quad core processor to come up trumps, the HTC Ville (code name) will be the first Smartphone with the next version of the in-house UI sense (version 4.0). The boys report this by Our site. We had presented the sense 3.0 some time ago in the video test, which at the time was able to convince us. As OS, Google Android to run 4.0 ice cream sandwich in the next version. The Ville will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core processor with 1,5 GHz clock rate and a 4.3 inch display with Super AMOLED technology. The Ville but waived on a high definition display, putting on a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. The device is stuck in a metal unibody and be not more than 8 mm deep, making it slimmer than the record holder Samsung Galaxy would be nexus (8.4 mm) measured at the thickest point. Like in the edge an 8 is probably mega pixel camera with backlit sensor and full HD video.The battery should be 1650 mAh strong. While man – reportedly have to forgo because of the thin housing – NFC, HSPA + and of course beats audio sound at the start are. At the prices, yet nothing is known, BoyGeniusReport speaks of a launch in April 2012.