HTC Sense in Windows Phone 7, Might Look like to This?

After the pitcher of cold water which marked the presentation of HTC for which expected news about Windows Phone 7, anything that has to do with this seems interesting. Well, we did not get to both, but the video that we can share with you today, deserves a look.

HTC Sense taking a relevance in Android or the own Google will be able to stop despite their attempts to achieve a seamless interface, however in Windows Phone 7, the doors are closed, and how much will lead to a “hub” designed by HTC, or features and programmes.

What we see in the video, named as HTC Confidential, You can have been done by someone with long, either can be a concept of the own HTC’s work, so we can not confirm anything about.

Some ideas we like, pulling much of animations and 3D graphics, but the truth that, in practice, I like things to be more direct. Microsoft made it very clear that the basis of the system not be would touch, so What HTC will bring will be its Sense applications and services, by what I am closer to thinking that does not belong to HTC, to truly be his work, do you think you?.

Update: What I say the following video?, in it we can see a HTC Schubert course with the HTC hub: