II-The Green Manufacturer

Swissvoice builds first and foremost senior cell phones, but the Swiss offer also an outdoor mobile phone with solar panel. Anyway, the manufacturer has written the theme of eco-friendliness on the chest.

Swissvoice’s origins date back to 1893, but the manufacturer cares mainly about a better future: “Swissvoice the technology, which is particularly low in radiation and energy saving the cordless phones of the Swiss company called fulleco”. Also in mobile phones, much emphasis is placed on sustainability and eco-friendliness: so, a solar panel is installed, for example, in the outdoor mobile SV29, which can charge the device via sunlight. This day-long trips (in good weather) without dependence on the socket are not a problem. The Panel makes up for the otherwise somewhat weak capacity of 1000 mAh rechargeable batteries, but allowing otherwise only up to four hours-long talks, eight days and eight hours on standby.

Disadvantage of technology: to use the Panel-loading facility, the device must be switched off completely.It is also somewhat inconvenient that Panel and battery before each via screw must be removed to insert the SIM card.

The SV29 measures 108 x 48,5 x 18.5 mm and weighs 102 grams, hard plastic case is covered with a rubberized cover. Thanks to IP56 certification it is protected against dust and vibrations, also “water penetration when temporary” survived the mobile phone according to ingress protection lexicon. The 1.8 inch TFT display is background illuminated, features the device has still a dual LED flashlight, calculator, alarm clock, radio and calendar on board. The whole thing is there for €89.99, which the cell phone is the currently most affordable outdoor Smartphone, comparing it with calibers like the Sonim XP5300 force or the more elegant defy + (269 or 399 € EIA).

MP03 and MP11 – Christmas gifts for Grandpa and Grandma

For the generation of Ü70 a Samsung Galaxy S2 or a iPhone 4S probably would not the perfect Christmas gift, is out of the question. Swissvoice offers some phones just for aging men and women, specifically tailored to their needs. We had already presented a few so-called senior cell phones you several months ago, which include also the MP03 and MP11. In other words: no frills such as camera or music player, no, this is about the essential, i.e. large buttons, simple menu guidance and SOS emergency call key on the back. Both devices have a charging stand is included. Also LED flashlight, alarm clock and calculator can offer both mobile phones. In contrast to the Orange beleucheteten display of MP03 the MP11 has a color display, also the battery of the latter is a little better with five instead of four hours of talk time and 10 instead of 6 1/4 days in standby mode. By design the MP11 in my eyes makes a slightly better figure with the silver-and-black color scheme – makes sure well under the Christmas tree.