Inspired in the Glasses of Osklen Parade When Choosing Yours

Osklen, one of the most important national fashion brands, always presents collections with cool and creative accessories during their participation in São Paulo Fashion Week.

In their latest summer parade, for example, Osklen created oversized sunglasses that caught the eye. The highlight of the accessory is because of its geometric shape and colored lenses, being excellent choice of sunglasses for sunny days.

In addition to the distinctive shape, the sunglasses from Osklen’s summer collection also abuse creativity on the accessory stem: no conventional materials, such as acetate, but malleable metals that make it possible to attach the sunglasses behind the ears.

Osklen has also bet on metalized versions in past collections presented at São Paulo Fashion Week, working on weight with gold. The result? Different and daring sunglasses!

It is not only women who gain differentiated accessories in the brand’s collections. Osklen also creates sunglasses for the boys, working with unique shapes.

The label uses these glasses as a style trick that you can inspire and copy yourself! Want more color in a basic visual? Bet on sunglasses with colored lenses, as did the brand in your recent fashion show. Who does not like glasses with colored lenses can adapt the idea and bet on the color on the accessory rods.

Do you like shine and want to wear it even on sunglasses?Invest in models with metalized frames or with mirrored lenses, such as those of the Osklen brand, and mount current and stylish looks. There’s no getting around!

But, it’s worth remembering and recommending: choose models with lenses that protect against the harmful rays of the sun. Thus, it is possible to protect the health of the eyes without losing the style.