Interview with the Free Speaker Oliver Walter

Oliver Walter is a philosopher and freelance speaker. In the meantime, he has accompanied more than 150 bridal couples on their most beautiful day and designed individual ceremonies for them. Hochzeitsportal24 spoke to him about the background, possibilities and target groups of an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Hochzeitsportal24: What is it, a free marriage?

Oliver Walter: A free marriage ceremony offers bridal couples the opportunity to celebrate their most beautiful day with a very personal and individual ceremony.As the name suggests, a free marriage is free of prescriptions and regulations.The bridal couple, together with his speaker, can make the ceremony quite individual.

The wedding ceremony can take place wherever the bride and groom finds the optimal place for it.I have been on ships, mountains, on the beach, but also in the local garden, in beautiful halls, or even in churches that are no longer consecrated.

According to TimelessTablets,  a free marriage can, of course, also have a Christian character without reference to the church.It can, however, also be entirely secular, or, for example, combine elements of different religions.

Hochzeitsportal24:And for whom is a free marriage possible?Which bridal couples are your target group?

Oliver Walter: A free marriage is especially interesting for couples who can not or do not want to marry.Some are satisfied with the purely bureaucratic act on the stand.But to whom this is not enough, has fortunately for several years this possibility.The target groups for free marriage ceremony are:

  • Couples who have left the church or are not baptized at all
  • Catholics, who were once married
  • Couples with different religious affiliations
  • Homosexual couple
  • Everyone whose ideas of the most beautiful day are not compatible with the requirements of the churches

Hochzeitsportal24:Is a free marriage legally binding?

Oliver Walter: No.Legally binding in Germany is the solemn wedding ceremony.Also, an ecclesiastical marriage does not replace the course of the ceremony.Some couples regret that, I personally am quite glad about it.For if the ceremonies were legally binding, there would surely be a lot of regulations and regulations in Germany that would severely limit the possibilities for the design.

Hochzeitsportal24:How did you get to be a speaker for free weddings?

Oliver Walter: I first got to know about free weddings from a different perspective.My wife and I have also given ourselves in a free wedding ceremony.At that time, 2002, Free Marriage was still very unknown and exotic.It was hard to find a speaker at all.But then we had exactly the ceremony, which we had wanted, on the hill behind my wife’s parents’ house.We still like to think back to this ceremony.Until I matured the decision to make the job but it still took three years.For me, it was important not to sit in the ivory tower one day, but to work with and for people.

Hochzeitsportal24: What makes a philosopher different from free theologians?

Oliver Walter: Many colleagues have studied theology, and some of them have also worked in the church service.My philosophy studies have taught me a lot of different world views, which helps me openly and unanimously to the attitudes and beliefs of my bride and groom.

Hochzeitsportal24: You are hosting a webinar on free weddings.What can wedding couples expect?

Oliver Walter: I would like to give an insight into the possibilities at an outdoor wedding ceremony, as well as topics such as “How do we find the speaker who is appropriate to us?”, “What should we consider regarding location and construction”? Also “How do families and friends react to a free marriage?”.The webinar is by the way free of charge and a registration at any time possible under edudip.