Lantern Head HY-6608 Cree Q5 Led 420 Lumens 150w

Product Details: Uninformed: Flashlight Head HY-6608 Cree Q5 Led 420 Lumens 150w


6608 Head lantern is ideal for hiking, camping, or repairs, leaving your hands free for the activity. Using cutting edge technology, has sophisticated Led Cree Q5, a new technology for high-efficiency light bulbs, which use pottery in semiconductors, consumes only 15% of a standard bulb and has a shelf life of up to 100,000 hours. So, allows it to be compact, but have power of 78w and 220 Lumens. With the aluminum body, the BL-6628 Head lantern is resistant to water, mud, rain and shocks.

Has great focus Zoom adjustable from 1 x to 2,000 x, plus 3 operation modes (eco mode, Super potent and Strobo).

In addition to being efficient, the lantern of 6608 Head does not bother because it is very light, with just 90 grams.

For your operation, the flashlight head 6608 uses 3 AAA batteries (not included).



-Water resistant


-Corrosion proof

-3 modes of operation

1:50% of capacity (economic)

2:100% of capacity (Super Powerful)

mode 3: Strobe (Used in emergency situations to signal your location)

-Adjustable focus Zoom: 1 x-2000 x


220 Lumens

-Uses micro-led Cree Q5, energy saving, being the consumption equal to 15% of a standard bulb

-Lamp life of up to 100,000 hours of use.

-Approximate weight: 90 g

-3 months warranty