Las Mejores Aplicaciones Android to Manage Our Raspberry Pi with XBMC

One of the most common applications of the Raspberry Pi is like Media Center. And the most popular choice is XBMC. In Engadget we have spoken long and hard Rapsberry PI and in principle has nothing to do with Android.

However, Android has a very important role if we use Raspberry Pi as a Media Center with XBMC. And it is that with our Android, whether tablet or mobile phone, we can remotely control our Raspberry Pi and make life much easier. Let’s see the best applications for this.

Yatse, remotely controlling XBMC

Among the applications I prefer Android to control XBMC Yatse. It is very easy, fast and flexible and any operation you want to do will be in the Palm of our hand without the need of wireless keyboard and mouse.

Yaste allows us to move through the menus without any problems, write what is needed with a keyboard on screen, and above all, take control of playback of multimedia content. It also allows sharing Youtube TV (a kind of Chromecast) and streaming of multimedia content (in the paid version).

It really is a very good option to control our XBMC and the proof is that in Google Play has a note of 4.9, thing you don’t usually see in many applications. If you use XBMC, either with or without Raspberry Pi I recommend this application.

Google play | Yatse, Yatse Unlocker

Commands and status of our Raspberry Pi

If we want to simply view the status and remotely control our Raspberry Pi have two interesting applications. Both work running commands on our device through an ssh connection.

The first is RasPi Check. This application gives us useful information such as e.g. temperature, memory and free storage and the workload. It is a quite useful information which is obtained through various commands in the terminal, but RasPi Check provides a visually in a very simple.

The second application is Basic Controller PI, developed by a Spanish. This application allows to execute remote commands on our Raspberry Pi. It is very simple, the only thing that is remotely connect and execute an order. If you like tinkering we can generanos scripts and use this application to run them remotely. By default come a few commands to turn off, restart, kill the process XBMC, etc., but great power is the ability to create our own commands and in a single press make a program run in our Raspberry Pi. It costs 60 euro cents and I think that it would have wider acceptance if it was with advertising, since it is still in development and is a minority.

Google play | RasPi Check | Basic Controller PI

Controlling Transmission

The Torrent client most popular Linux and therefore of Raspberry Pi is Transmission. It is basically a service that runs on your device and then to control it we can use a web interface or an application (for example there is a XBMC-based interface). There are also applications that interface for Android and I think that Remote Transmission is the best.

Allows you to add new torrents (either by file or by magnetic link), start the download, pause it, deterla, etc. All that allows client torrent but from your Android device. It also allows us to connect to various customers Transmission with that remote management is very comfortable.

The perfect complement for this application is, of course, Pirate Bay Browser, Transmission Control that allows us to navigate the most downloaded Torrents, apart from the always useful search function, and a single click opens with the magnetic link added. Has never been so easy to search torrents and put them to download!


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