LG G2 Mini in the Test: Smaller, But Also Weaker Than the G2

Klein is back in: Samsung has started it with the S3 mini and mini generation two on the market with the S4 has already produced. Also HTC mini has a compact model in the offer with the one. The shrinking treatment is usually connected to a price discount, but with the exception of Sony’s Xperia, the little ones to the equipment manufacturers save Z1 compact. LG retains this principle at.

Slimmed-down facilities

Mini is a four-core Snapdragon 400 with 1.2 GHz and a gigabyte (GB) memory (RAM) In the LG G2. The great G2, however, accesses on a Snapdragon 800 with four cores, 2.26 GHz and 2 GB RAM. The display of the G2 mini shrinks from 5.2 to 4.7 inches, which is non-full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080) 960 x 540 pixels. This score is usually quite sharp enough for everyday use. In the test, however, the display of the G2 disappointed mini: regardless of the number of pixels he showed very coarse pixel size only about fine letters. The Galaxy S4 mini or HTC one mini here offer significantly better quality. The camera resolves eight rather than 13 megapixels like at the large G2. Effectively only 5.5 megapixel remained of it in the test, vision test, the camera showed only average results. Little to complain about, there are connection possibilities: LTE, UMTS, HSPA +, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi are b/g/n, WiFi direct, GPS and NFC in this country on board.

Dimensions, endurance, memory, OS

In the large G2 battery life by 16.5 hours for many is alone a sufficient reason to buy. The G2 not quite so long last mini, creates but at least ordinary 14 hours in typical use. These are mini four hours longer than the direct competitor of Galaxy S4! The battery has a capacity of 2,440 Mah and is exchangeable. The LG mini weighs 122 grams and is 1.1 cm thick, with a length of 13 and 6.6 centimeters in width. A microSD card slot extends the eight GB large memory up to 64 gigabytes. The G2 mini starts with the current Android version 4.4.2 KitKat.

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conclusion: LG G2 mini

The LG G2 mini is similar to handy as the iPhone 5 or the S4 mini, is well equipped and has a significantly better battery than these two popular smartphones. And the software is easier to use than for Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones. Mini for the G2 has the inferior camera and a much bigger display.

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