Look To Start The Week, Jersey With Capri Jeans

Hello readers!

Do you want uncompromising, comfortable and chic at the same time to start the week well and feel beautiful and neat?

So our tip is the combination jersey+capri jeans!

A basic and super chic look that can serve as inspiration for other looks of the week.

How are the capri pants?

The jeans capri (or “fisherman”) is a shorter model, which varies the height from the middle of the cinnamon to the ankles. It is recommended for women with long legs, because it gives the impression of shortening them.

If on the one hand the capri pants can cut the silhouette, on the other it shows one of the thinner parts of the body, the ankles, giving the impression of being thinner.

As for the models, the capri may be just as skinny, traditional with straight or wider cut as the boyfriend, who has appeared quite a bit with the bar folded and shredded, seamless, giving a “destroyed” air.


With the capri jeans we can make both more social and stripped looks, and all this due to its versatility that is one of its qualities, thus being a very useful piece in any women’s wardrobe, in addition to being cool and have the face of summer. It is well for those occasions when you do not want anything as long as a normal pair of pants, not as short as a pair of shorts.

Summer 2015

The season promises to stand out for the capri jeans with straight and broad legs.

Check out some tips to match your capri jeans:

  1. If it is not too high you can bet on medium-sized, not too low-waisted pants, so as not to have the silhouette too short;
  2. The bars can not be very wide, like bell mouth, because they will flatten the silhouette very much;
  3. Accessories gain more visibility.The length immediately attracts the look to the feet, which gain special importance in this context.
  4. Speaking of the combination capri jeans+t-shirts, here are all the models:
    – the races, go well with a little rasteirinha;
    – the solutes can be combined with a sneaker or anabela;
    – more stylish tees order a scarpin;
    – Band t-shirts match with sneakers.

As always, just a few ideas. The end result depends on your style and comfort.

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Source: stylelovely.com