Management Multitasking WebOS 2.0 Put Proof Video

According to the images you are going to watch can tell the guys of Palm they have worked hard to do well their duties for the immediate marketing of the new Palm Pre 2 webOS 2.0 premiering. Admittedly, the device comes to height in performance with respect to other smartphones on the market. But more certain it is that the protagonist is the new version of the operating system, it is robust and agile in managing multiple running applications to the user’s desire.

The guys at PreCentral not shrink when browsing through the different pages in which are grouped the different programs installed to open one after another with a good number of applications, whose cards are stacking to demand in an order established according to the priority assigned by the user. Ideal for mad heads who forget easily different tasks to carry out before you delete them from the workspace by dragging them towards the top of the screen in a now customary gesture.

It is clear that the Cortex A8 Processor well fulfills its mission and is capable of moving the OS fluently enough as to keep open all applications see the video without just suffer for the effort, with relatively short waiting times in the implementation of each of them, and can jump from one to another with unusual ease.

Possibly Palm, with the support of HP, has placed meats on the grill to get it at the height of the rest of its competitors at all levels, trying to of leave behind past that they predicted an uncertain future for the marking of Sunnyvale.

We take advantage of the situation to rejoice the view with the first TV ad featuring an attractive Palm Pre 2, away from the minimalism of its predecessor ads few years ago.