Massimo Dutti One Embroider It Again with Their Lookbook for The Month of August It Want Everything!

Very well thought out and structured. This is the view that inspires me Massimo Dutti collection for the month of August Although well could fit into one autumn-winter season and bet on the month of September or October. Long point, with injections of autumn and earthy pastel colors and a very gentleman aesthetic that prefers the label and classicism rather than the bright colors and cheerful.

A collection that bet by leather, synthetic materials and a fresh aesthetic Although without losing elegance and formality, with clothes and amazing outfits that are sure they will delight more than one of you.

The Point It is without a doubt one of the strong points of the collection. We can find it on the jerseys, which are committed by the cable, by eight jerseys or the crochet to give more volume to the garment…

… or in the Blazers and jackets in the collection, that, under injections of Navy Blue, black and grey colors, beads, introduce elements such as patches and the elbow to highlight the colors and give a more informal look…

… which combines perfectly with the shirts and the poles of the same to get a contrast of textures, shapes and styles. Without doubt a success without forgetting that natural elegance that distinguishes the firm and based on his collection of footwear and accessories.

The leather and synthetic materials other materials is the signature star. It occurs in jackets and does mainly in black and brown tones. With that not only got more rebel aesthetic but that game giving both, contrasting with the rest of clothes because its organic and glossy appearance, It can serve to complete looks around the structures.

Of course, the tailoring of Massimo Dutti It remains a benchmark in low-cost fashion view of prices may be somewhat insulting follow catalogándo it as such. The pinstriped or the picture of Wales are chosen as prints that the chromatic range moves between grays and blues, always maintaining sobriety throughout the.