Medion P9514 S7852 (MD98625): Test of KitKat Tablets by Aldi

Video: Medion P9514 S7852

To May 8 there’s a 7.9 inch Tablet for 149 Euro at Aldi. On paper, convinced the cheap P9514. But how is it reflected in the test? Medion P9514 S7852: Aldi-tablet in the test

So far, there were also only in big ten – or twelve-inch versions Tablet PCs that run Android 4.4 ex works with the new Google operating system only from Samsung and Sony, with the models of Galaxy touch Pro, Galaxy Tab Pro and Xperia Z tablet. But as of May 8, 2014 adds another competitor: Aldi brings the Medion P9514 S7852. The handy 7.9 inch tablet with the current Android is at a tempting price of 149 euros. What’s the catch?

Plain and somewhat thick

The Medion weighs 368 grams: it is exactly 37 grams heavier than the similar-sized iPad mini. With a thickness of less than one centimeter, it seems somewhat clunky (iPad mini: 7.5 mm). Processing is fine, the design is simple and unspectacular.

Medion P9514 S7852 (MD98625): product photos and screenshots

21 Medion P9514 S7852 (MD98625) view images almost everything important on board

It is, however, wide range of Medion P9514 S7852 of tablets of Aldi. Because up to an HDMI Jack for playback on a big TV everything important is available:

The best tablets

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Beautiful afloat is the P9514 also: In the test apps started very quickly, put the touch screen user input without delay, and videos were loaded within seconds. High resolution cinema hits (full HD with 1920 x 1080 pixels) ruckelten however. There helps the films before watching on the Tablet format (1024 x 768 pixels) to zoom out.

Glossy Display

Less pleasing is, however, the quality of the highly glossy display: it presents photos and videos only with 1024 x 768 pixels, also slightly blurred and pale colors (you can find the complete test table here). But can a crisp-sharp full-HD display customers for 149 euro not expected.

Likes overtime

No matter how expensive is a Tablet: long battery life is one duty, finally you will be torn during a train ride, not in the middle of the work. The Medion was 11.5 hours without plug from a good value for a 7.9-incher in the test. Well: The loading time was only three and a half hours.

Conclusion: Medion P9514 S7852

Hard to believe, what does the Medion for only 149 Euro: good facilities, impeccable processing and updates Android 4.4. Only at the display, you must make concessions. But is a comparable good device in this price range currently not to have.

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