MeeGo Suffers Major as Does Google Speak with Nokia?

Yesterday received the news that the Vice President of development of the operating system MeeGo, ARI Jaaksi, filed down to Nokia, continuing in this way with the escape of managers who seem to have allergy to the Canadian who comes to direct their destinies.

Under Ari shoulders rested the Mission of bring the operating system born from Maemo and Moblin, Nokia and Intel respectively. The system is thus without visible and responsible head, at the end of this month.

Much that is rumoree not think Elop (new CEO Nokia) are making decisions as fast, is not ordering readjustments in the address, rather I think that those who leave do so because they are not happy with the strategy of business and philosophy of work are American? It brings under the arm.

We can understand that the promising Nokia N9 will suffer in some way down, but the interesting thing about this whole story is what is happening among business leaders, more than in the product itself.

Hours after the announcement of the low, returned to speculating about the possibility that Nokia was flirting with Windows Phone 7, positioning it as an alternative to MeeGo. It is even rumored that Android is also put on the table, and even though the chances are remote, only the fact of submission may have made escape cited employees.

Android, a temporary solution?

According to TechCrunch, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, would have been in touch with Elop to discuss the possibility of using Android on Nokia phones. This information jumped to the media a week ago, but today it has become more interesting, and would be curious to talk would have had occasion while Ari said goodbye.

First Windows Phone 7 option seems ruled out completely, even by internal, pointing sources that if Nokia had to make a change or present an alternative to MeeGo, It would be much more logical to bet on Android, regardless of that Elop came from Microsoft.

This same source, internal, informs us that the search for an alternative to MeeGo would come because the system is very green yet, and It is vital for Nokia to show hardware so good that they are preparing with the Nokia N9.

MeeGo would never stop developing and is the choice for the future, but it is a reality that every day you pass with Symbian on the cover is a day lost to Apple, Google and RIM, or even Microsoft.

The truth is that this temporary OS sound quite rare, and I can’t imagine a Nokia Android terminal. We must also take into account the arrival of Peter Skillman (the man behind the Palm Pre and webOS) to lead the MeeGo user experience, which I hope is not as busy as we.

We will see in that there are all these rumors, that We have discussion up to new order.