Microsoft Recognizes That Phones Kin Have Been an Obstacle in The Road

In an interview with the Seattle Times by Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, interesting details have been spoken of Windows Phone 7, and the fatal episode of the Microsoft Kin One and Two, which are quite related to the new operating system.

During the interview, the representative of Microsoft tells us that his company was committed to that expectation around Windows Phone 7 It must be high, as with Microsoft Kin they failed to live up to. Sales were more than bad, and were expected to reach Europe from the hand of Vodafone, but the Red operator backed in view of the results.

Speaking of the Kin phones, Ballmer acknowledges that it was a bad idea to launch them before Windows Phone 7, subtracting attention and resources from Microsoft in its new operating system, especially taking into account the next thing your output.

On the positive side, we find that the team in charge of the Kin phones went on to join forces in the case of Windows Phone 7, In addition to many innovative ideas released in them would be taken into account in the future.

In fact the different analyses that were made on terminals Kin spoke very highly the same quality as well as its original interface meter, not so much of the integration of social networks and price plans with that was released a phone aimed at young audiences.

Windows Phone 7 part with a superior hardware and the system has many more possibilities than what we saw in Kin, as well as the support of leading manufacturers. As for the rest of the interview, Ballmer made reference to the tablet with Windows 7 that has to come from Christmas.

If you are curious to know the story behind the Kin phones, known originally as the project Pink, I recommend that you take a look at the article I prepared in this regard.