Nexus 6: New Evidence on the Existence of Google Smartphones

Update: name in code review mentioned

There is new evidence on the existence of a new smartphone of the Internet giant. The nexus 6 in the fall of 2014 on the market could come about a year after the release of nexus 5. Among other things, the mention of the name nexus suggests 6 in the chromium code review, as reported by Android next. The chromium projects include the chrome browser and chrome OS. The so-called code review involves the manual review of code already written for these two projects by interested developers.

Publication in the autumn?

Google has placed the name of the Smartphones there probably intentionally, so that he will be found. According to various Internet sources, a publication of the nexus 6 autumn is most likely. In June, Google on the I/O Developer Conference introduces therefore only the new Nexus 8 tablet. There is disagreement on the screen size of the mobile phone: it could measure the name according to six inches, so that but rather was a Phablet. Alternatively, the six in the name only to the numerical designation of the model is because the Smartphone follows the nexus 5.

Rumors in check: it brings the Google I/O 2014

with 6.3-inch display?

The blog presents allegedly confirmed gel file specifications of Google’s next Smartphone. The nexus 6 should have a 6.3-inch display with a sharp full-HD resolution. It is protected by scratch-resistant Gorilla glass. If you believe the rumors, pulses an Exynos-5 processor in its aluminium housing. In addition to a 128-gigabyte memory, there will be four gigabytes of RAM. The previous model has the half. The camera according to the report, on the back with 18 Megapixels and snapping the front with four megapixels resolves. Samsung LG could as a manufacturer of high end device supersede.

Samsung or LG?
The producer of Google’s next high end Smartphone is just as unclear as its name. It recognizes its owner by a retina – as well as a fingerprint sensor, so suspicions. The 32-gigabyte version will cost probably 450 US dollars (around 330 euros). Also speculated on a 64-gigabyte version. Both probably come mid 2014 in the trade. The international business times offers an alternative feature list. This includes a 5.2-inch display that resolves with 2560 x 1440 pixels, a Snapdragon-805 processor with 2.5 GHz and three gigabytes of RAM. These different rumors show one thing above all: nobody over that seems really to know 6 nexus.