Nexus 8: Name Turned up New Google Tablet

Update: nexus 8 chromium code discovered

Condense the evidence indicating that Google presents nexus 8 on the I/O Developer Conference in June,: as Android next reported, shows up the term nexus 8 in the chromium code review. The chromium projects include the chrome browser and chrome OS. The so-called code review involves the manual review of code already written for these two projects by interested developers. If Google so here incorporates the names of future nexus devices, the company can assume that the public discovered this sooner or later.


Accordingly, it is possible that the attribution is a deliberately laid track: Google could have it deposited an informal note on the early release of eight inch tablets or spreading deliberately false information. Maybe it is new Nexus 6, the new Android Smartphone with five or six inch screen size in the mentioned device also the.

Rumors in check: it brings the Google I/O 2014

with Android 4.5?

Fudzilla according to Google introduces his new eight inch tablet in June on the Google I/O Developer Conference. Therefore the manufacturer on the new Nexus tablet sets for the first time on an Intel processor. The four cores of the Moorefield chip count up to 2.33 GHz according to source. So far, Google used in its nexus devices only cores of the brand of Qualcomm. The time of the release also indicates that running nexus 8 with the new Android version 4.5, previously nicknamed lollipop.

Test summary: seven inch tablets

Nexus 7, Galaxy tab 2 7.0 & co. in the test

First rumors

According to DigiTimes Google launches an eight inch tablet in the spring. The news service relies on suppliers in Taiwan. They report that ASUS takes over the production of the device. End of 2013-circulated rumors that prophesied the off as a cooperation partner in the nexus series of the manufacturer. Google wants to conquer a niche with the magnification of the screen so the speculation. The competition in the field is the seven-incher. Last year, Californians sold less than three million nexus 7. The previous model was approximately 4.6 million copies over the counter. Initially, the company can produce perhaps two million nexus 8. Details about its technical facilities are not yet known.