Nike: Bye Bye Fuelband! Hello Apple iWatch?

Apple is apparently Ernst with the plans to a clever clock iWatch. The French blog Consomac found out that Apple already has secured the trademark rights to the iWatch which in many countries. And: after Apple bite looking for specialists in mineral crystal Swiss watch manufacturers, the company has found probably still a partner: some Nike. Roy Latke of the US blog Geektime got some info to Apple employees after several discussions. Then Apple probably just on the home straight of the development for the expected turn iWatch.

No Smartwatch, but a smart band

After Geektime representation was at the iWatch of less an hour than to a band. And now dawns connoisseurs what might have to Nike. Because the Nike Fuelband has much already, what might like even Apple. Nike fitness tape collects steps and shows a lot of information without going through a translucent LED dot matrix. Therefore, Nike has set design standards. The Apple band should include not only steps, but good, for example, to control other devices with gestures.

This is the Apple Watch 1

old love does not rust

The iShoe (2006) and (2012) the smart tape could be the next co-production of two giants iWatch the integration of Nike app in the iPhone 4. That is created in the long term, the 2011 late Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the combination of shoe sensor and iPod before eight years during the presentation. Apparently, his successor Tim Cook sees it as well. For Nike, a retreat from the own Fuelband hardware could be. Because the trend of self survey although unbroken there, but more and more providers to prevail, which besides the steps – numbering other aspects about the diet. And that could not offer so far just Nike for his purist Fuelband.