Nokia Looks for a New Strategy with Operators to Sell Its Windows Phone 8

Nokia considering the way they attack the market with their upcoming phones Lumia, Windows Phone 8. In regards to the operators, it could present a different strategy to the one has been using.

From the Financial Times inform us that Nokia goes in secret negotiations with several European operators to perform an exclusive distribution agreement, with the share gains, but also efforts to promote the product. Nokia looks for the incentive of at least one couple of operators who want to accompany it in his new adventure.

This is a change of strategy course, since Nokia until now throwing their phones in as many distribution channels as possible, with all possible operators. The approach is similar that Apple already premiered with iPhone and AT & T in 2007, support dedicated to their phones.

Already there is talk of European operators as Deutsche Telekom or France Telecom (Orange), but neither party has wanted to say anything in this regard. In the United States have a similar strategy with the Nokia Lumia 900, with significant discounts in the latter days.