Nokia Sells 500 Patents to Vringo for 22 Million Dollars

Nokia It will take 22 million dollars from the company Vringo, It has acquired 500 patents owned by Finns, relating to technologies on mobile telephony and infrastructures for installing them, described as “third and fourth generation of connectivity without wires”.

In addition to the down payment, they can also generate income in the future by the use of the patents. According to the Wall Street Journal tells us, patents were registered in the 1990s and early 2000.

Vringo, best known for its applications for ringtones as Facetones, described as a company that wants to be in the wave of innovation and development, so you need be strong in mobile technologies and intellectual property.

Nokia already reported in the past that it would pull its IP if you pay for it at good price for crop losses that are going on in the last fiscal quarters. Measures that accompany the closing of factories and the layoffs of thousands of employees.