Rhetoric and Reality: The Largest Smartphone Lies

Placement in this list has nothing to do with the quality of the device and is not related to the leaderboard. Here, not the cell phone with the best values, but the Smartphone, which confirmed the promised factory specifications in the test or even exceeds WINS namely. Who makes modest statements, comes off so well here.

Modesty wins

In the photo section, you see a cell phone into the COMPUTER image measurements depends on how much percent of the manufacturer’s instructions. Values over 100 percent means that the readings in the test were better than the factory specification.

Cheat list

88 Smartphone manufacturer’s instructions on the test bench

battery life

Battery life depends on how fuel consumption of a car significantly the use and the environmental parameters. Here thus the most difficult is the comparability, the differences are greatest. Some devices don’t even reach 20 per cent of the promised performance. The reason: When specifying the duration of stand-by the manufacturer put the device and waiting for that slow the juice goes out. LG and Samsung part promise a standby period of over a month. This has little to do with reality. The stand-by indication of COMPUTER image is closer to the practice: the device is sporadically used, must withstand short phone calls, in new radio cells register, send SMS and receive. It costs energy and thus battery time. The measurements show however occasionally multiples of the manufacturer’s instructions for telephone services of duration of. Restrained information and different methods of measurement are the reasons.

Photo resolution

Large mega pixel values suggest a high image quality, but a part of the information is interpolated. At the end, so getting the promised resolution photos come out regardless of the quality. COMPUTER image will therefore check how many pixels of the sensor is really collected (effective mega pixels) and added as many. Sometimes (MP) effectively only four remain of eight megapixels. In this ranking, it is better to a manufacturer promises less MP and delivers them well.

Overview: the best smartphones

100 mobile phones Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG & co.

here is hardly cheated

When the display resolution, the mass and the weight, the calculated deviations are negligible. Usually you can get here on the manufacturer leave.