Samsung: Popular Smartphones, Apps Hated

After top smartphones hardly differ from each other in terms of hardware equipment, manufacturers try to set a course through special software offerings increase. This strategy in particular Samsung took to heart: the high end Smartphones from the Galaxy S series bursting with additional software, almost out of the seams. A survey of the market research company strategy analysts has now revealed: nobody is interested in the programs.
Samsung Galaxy S5 in the Test Results from the Lab

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7 Samsung Flop Apps to the Gallery

Samsung apps cut off

A (but not representative) survey among 250 us Galaxy-S3 – and Galaxy-S4 owners has revealed that users of the S4 only about nine minutes per month use the apps of the manufacturer (Galaxy S3 : six minutes). S best apps cut memo and S voice. Each 3.9 and 3.6 minutes a month spent the owner of Galaxy S4 with these applications. S memo is a note app like EverNote, S voice is a language assistant and Samsung’s alternative to Apple’s Siri. Particularly bad it looks hub or ChatOn for applications like Samsung. They’re only coming around six seconds per month. Interestingly, Samsung had only released figures to the app ChatOn in September 2013. Thus the tight service recorded more than 100 million users the numbers from the app study however speak a different language.

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Competition ahead

Much better it runs according to this for YouTube: In contrast to the Samsung apps, owner of Galaxy S4 spent 146.7 minutes on the video platform. The play store as a focal point for Android apps, music & co. is in the same period on a service life of about an hour. It goes even better: according to the Wall Street Journal manages the Facebook app to bind your users about 11 hours (664 minutes). With Instagram deal user 151 minutes.



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iPad mini vs. Galaxy Note 2 after S3, iPhone 5 in blender ...