SayHEY: WhatsApp Competitor Started by Simyo

Competition for WhatsApp? The mobile service provider Simyo has brought an own free Messenger app on the market. The sayHEY app works on Android or iOS phones, as well as in the browser on Tablet and PC. You need to in order to use the app, not a Simyo customer.
Download: sayHEY for Android (Play Store)
Download: sayHEY for iOS (App Store)

So works sayHEY

SayHEY integrated SMS and messages sent over the Internet free in an app. So need to move users between different applications, but write all messages in a program. This is shipped with an inactive Internet connection handy here sayHEY then a paid SMS. Also contacts which have not installed sayHEY or even a Smartphone, she sent app SMS. With Android, you can adjust sayHEY as default SMS app, IOS, this is not possible. SayHEY text messages, photos and location coordinates can be with active Internet connection free of charge send. The telephone contacts synchronized sayHEY only on request of the user with the phone numbers stored on its server.

SMS replacement: free WhatsApp alternatives

encryption on board

Simyo indicates that sayHEY uses an end-to-end encryption with 128 bit. Thus the new service stands out consciously by some competitors such as about WhatsApp, which not to encrypt messages. It is questionable whether the encryption is sufficient to convince users of the app that appears to be otherwise not yet mature. So far about the function to create group chat is absent. The app is there but only since May 1, 2014 the developers could so still improvements work. Users should be careful to disable in-app purchases, if you want to send not accidentally paid SMS to people, do not use the sayHEY.