Series.LY Receives Another Unofficial Application for Video with Our Favorite Player

If we do a quick search on Google Play, we see that there are a lot of applications dedicated to They are not official, but many developers looking to gain a foothold to be an intermediary between this service and the screen of your mobile phone or tablet. There is much to choose from.

Of you enter options, points out that has created the team of MCube. And we give more relevance to the development team whose own name since almost all applications, due to the search engine positioning, are called We see offering this version specifically.

Series.LY by MCube offers a fairly simple interface. Once we have passed the logging screen will appear in different columns by sliding your finger horizontally or by clicking on the upper lashes an adapted version of the web where we can move. To the logearnos with our account, It has all the information of the series that we continue.

How on the web, whenever you open an episode it will show us the different links. Direct download of us sent to web browser to download the file in question, those of streaming, when we will play, We will send to your Android video player.

This option is quite interesting since not used Flash Video and you can choose which application we want to use, having more control over the content. I have not had problems with codecs and I have been able to use it perfectly with the video player which comes by default with the Sony Xperia Z, but its creators say it will work with most.

As a free app, with advertising on the bottom, it is quite interesting. It works well, it is clear and simple. The only drawback are some aesthetic elements of the browser, which tries to play with different shapes and colors and the final result, in Visual terms, is a little strange. Leaving that aside, which is fairly unimportant, it is worth to try it.

Especially if you have a tablet, to take advantage of the size of the screen, either a device that we can connect to the TV well wired or wirelessly. Let’s see if with a bit of time becomes the official support of Chromecast for this type of reproductions and thus get more avail.

Series.lyversion 1.0.1

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: MCube
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Video