Some Details of The Version 1.2 of Samsung Bada

Update: As we reported the own Samsung from, for now do not have intended a Bada 1.2 update to the original Samsung Wave (Yoigo and free), we expect more information in this regard, and logically it does change the contents of this article.

It seems that a new version of Bada, the operating system of Samsung, is around the corner. Samsung Wave users will be willing to have news in the same way that we can see in iOS or Android, but here things seem to go slowly.

Samsung Firmware World people have been found with the version 1.2 of Bada (S8500XXJID) and have decided to give some details, as having as the Samsung Wave (s8500) destination original, and some new features:

  • Introduction of the keyboard Trace NuanceT9, very similar in operation to Swype.
  • Improvements in the performance of the phone and user interface.
  • Improvements and greater fluidity in the browser.
  • Redesign of icons.

It is said that these light news they are present in the New Wave emerging in the market, so it would be put to all phones in the same State.

We have no idea of the date of update, and it seems that It is originally addressed to the model sold in Europe. The guys at Samsung Firmware World even have the ROM available for download. If anyone has more information on this, you know that it is welcome.

Update: has just appeared a sixth member in the family Bada, Samsung Wave 575, taking advantage of have done a review of phones wave/Bada which have seen the light.